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EuMW 2011

Anritsu at European Microwave Week 2011- The NEW leader in Vector Network Analysis

EuMW is Europes premier Microwave and RF event

At this years EuMW Anritsu will be exhibiting a number of ground breaking solutions for the Microwave and RF market. With a particular focus on Vector Network Analysis Anritsu can demonstrate a leading range of industry firsts from handhelds to benchtop platforms.

The ME7838A Broadband Vector Network Analyzer highlights Anritsu's leadership in the VNA market with an impressive set of specifications.

  • 16 independent measurement channels in a smart box.
  • Unprecedented number of measurement points per channel.
  • Run fast measurements with 55 ms per datapoint for 201 points at 10 kHz IFBW.
  • Unlimited accurate Time Domain analysis together with unapproachable high resolution.
  • Industry-best Dynamic Range of 107+ dB at 110 GHz with a nearly flat characteristic over entire operating band.
  • Driving technology without compromisingly performance, ME7838A VNA single sweep system covering 40 kHz up to 125 GHz and as banded system operational up to 750 GHz.


See the ME7838A, a NEW MS2830A 43 GHz Spectrum Analyzer that is with external mixer operational up to 325 GHz and our extensive and award winning range of handheld units at this years European Microwave Week.




Anritsu Workshops at EuMW 2011

  • Advanced time domain techniques - more details
  • Non-linear co-simulation with real-time channel measurements for PCB signal integrity - more details
  • Advanced amplifier design and test - more details
  • Miniature frequency expansion modules for Vector Network Analyzers - more details
  • Highly stable measurement of broadband mm-wave devices - more details


All workshops take place on Wednesday 12th October in room Central 6.


1. Advanced time domain techniques
This session will describe the various time domain methodologies including windowing, bandpass and low pass techniques. Application to a variety of situations will be described including identification of the location of mismatches, through cable defect location to determining the impedance levels in a cascaded series of transmission lines.

Start Time: 10.00
Length: 40 minutes
Speaker: Steve Reyes, Anritsu


2. Nonlinear Co-Simulation with Real-Time Channel Measurements for PCB Signal Integrity (This session will be done in partnership with AWR)
Channel measurements are normally passive but can involve changes over time as operating conditions may vary due to coupling. While these measurements may be linear, they are often combined with nonlinear performance metrics, such as eye-diagrams. Complicating this is the need to switch between single-ended and balanced configurations. This session will demonstrate the combination of nonlinear simulation of a GHz SerDes link with the real-time linear measurement of the channel on a single platform.

Start Time: 10:40
Length: 40 minutes
Speaker: AWR


3. Advanced Amplifier Design and Test
The session will cover both linear and non-linear design and test with examples ranging from measurement of packaged amplifiers in a 50 ohm environment to characterization of both discrete transistors and on-wafer devices in a non-50 ohm environment. In addition to the more usual measurements such as gain, gain compression and harmonic testing, the session will included a discussion of non-linear amplifier design using load-pull techniques.

Start Time: 11:00
Length: 1 hour 30 min
Speaker: Steve Reyes, Anritsu


4, Miniature Frequency-Expansion Modules for Vector Network Analyzers
A detailed description of the high-frequency reflectometer technology deployed in Anritsu’s VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) family will be given. It will be shown that scaling of this technology for use in the millimeter-wave range results in miniature frequency-extension modules that provide unique capabilities such as direct connection to wafer probes, dense multi-port measurements, test-port power leveling, enhanced raw directivity, and reduced measurement complexity when compared with existing solutions. These capabilities, combined with the frequency-scalable nature of the extension modules provide users with unique and compelling solutions for their current and future high-frequency measurement needs. Applications of this technology beyond traditional test and measurement will be described.

Time: 13.30
Length: 1 hour
Presenter: Karam Noujeim, Anritsu


5. Highly Stable Measurement of Broadband mm-Wave Devices
Participants will learn about the root causes of the stability issues that have arisen in the past when making broadband millimetric s-parameter measurements. A new solution will then be presented that addresses those root-cause issues and which demonstrates significantly improved measurement stability. This delivers benefits including longer intervals between measurement calibrations and better measurement results

Start Time: 15:00
Length: 1 hour
Speaker: Steve Reyes, Anritsu

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