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Launch of High-Coherence 1550 nm Wavelength Swept Light Sources


Wavelength Swept Light Source

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) is pleased to announce the July 1st, 2021 release of two models of its newly developed 1550 nm wavelength swept light sources for sensing applications in a wide variety of fields covering industrial, medical, and infrastructure/factory measurements. The released models are the standalone bench top AQA5500P with a sweep frequency of 1.25 kHz and AQB5500P (150 Hz sweep frequency).

Since all models are single-longitudinal-mode, narrow-band, swept light sources without mode-hopping, they feature both phase continuity and high coherence. Using these swept light sources for optical- interferometry-based length measurement systems, such as OFDR*1, supports high-accuracy measurement over a wide distance range. For example, the 150 Hz sweep frequency light sources with a coherence length of more than 100 m can measure distance ranges beyond 100 m.

As a result, applications are not limited just to ophthalmic and industrial OCT, but also cover shape measurement in the factory automation field as well as fiber sensing for large infrastructure, such as buildings and bridges.

Development Background

Recently, OFDR—a type of optical measurement using laser interferometry—is finding applications in various fields, such as precision shape measurement, thin-film measurement, microstructure measurement, etc.

Anritsu developed this new range of high-coherence, swept light sources with kHz-order high-speed wavelength sweeping over a wide wavelength range using MEMS*2 technology for these fields.

Product Outline

These Anritsu wavelength swept light sources output single-longitudinal-mode laser light that wavelength is swept phase-continuously without mode-hopping. Incorporation as the core device in interferometers, optical receivers, A/D converters, etc., facilitates configuration of OFDR measurement systems for high-speed measurement with micron-order accuracy over a wide range of few tens of meters.


Target Markets and Applications

Target Markets
Length, range, and shape measurement in factory automation, medical, infrastructure applications
  • Precision and wide range dimensional metrology using optical interferometry
  • OCT for internal structure measurement
  • Temperature, torsion, deformation, and vibration measurement using optical fiber sensing
  • Inspecting optical-device wavelength characteristics

Technical Terms

*1 Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry (OFDR)
OFDR is one optical measurement method using the coherence of laser light. It has found recent applications in various fields due to its support for non-contact, high-accuracy measurement of the distance from the laser output position to the target object.
*2 Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
These are integrated devices using micro-mechanical technologies based on silicon substrates, glass substrates, organic materials, etc., for mechanical parts, sensors, actuators, electronic circuits.

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