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Image of MN25110A

W1 Coaxial Precision Directional Coupler


W1 Precision Metrology-grade directional coupler designed to provide the best measurement possible. The MN25110A is equipped with Anritsu Trademarked W1 connectors that achieve the smallest possible reflections and very low broadband Insertion Loss.

The MN25110A is scalable, allowing users access to broadband measurements through E, V and W band. The native W1 coaxial interface will reduce complexity in measurements that suffer from waveguide only interfaces past 70 GHz.

  • Operational from 20 GHz to 110 GHz
  • Coaxial interface with Anritsu trademarked W1 connectors
  • Design is robust and well suited for high frequency system and instrumentation applications
  • Metrology grade adapters for better repeatability and performance
  • Compatible with 1.0mm connectors