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Image of Anritsu 240 Series Power Dividers

Power Dividers

240 Series
Microwave power dividers produced with N, K, V,and W1 connectors

These microwave power dividers are symmetrical, three-resistor tee designs that can be used in applications where signals from DC to 65 GHz must be accurately divided or combined. K Connector® is compatible with 3.5 mm and SMA; V Connector® is compatible with 2.4 mm. W1 Connector® is compatible with 1.0 mm. All models have exceptional amplitude and phase tracking characteristics.

  • DC to 110 GHz frequency range
  • K Connector® compatibility with SMA/3.5 mm
  • V Connector® compatibility with 2.4 mm
  • W1 Connector® compatibility with 1.0 mm
  • Excellent amplitude and phase tracking