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Anritsu Group Social Media Policy

Anritsu and its group companies (“Anritsu”, “we”, or “company”) will comply with the following “Social Media Policy”, which sets forth the codes of behavior, actions, and basic principles to be observed with respect to the operation of official social media accounts of the company and the use of social media by employees.

Definition of Social Media

Services that utilize the Internet which allow users to disseminate information or communicate with other users. Examples include YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Basic Policy

  1. We will comply with various laws and regulations, and participate in dialogue with a modest attitude as a good corporate citizen of a society.
  2. We will make sure of the accuracy of the information that we send out by understanding that, due to the nature of the Internet, any information that goes out cannot be retrieved completely even if it is deleted from the original account.
  3. Listen carefully to the opinions of others and act to gain trust.
  4. We will respect the intellectual property rights and privacy rights of third parties, and take careful consideration to not defame others.
  5. We will follow the rules and respect the culture and etiquette of each social media.
  6. If our employees were to mention that they work for Anritsu within their personal account, or have any information contained in their account that will easily lead to association with Anritsu, they should specifically state that their views and opinions expressed are solely personal and are not representing the official views or opinions of the company. Moreover, although Anritsu does respect the freedom of speech of individuals, each employee shall recognize the possibility of damaging Anritsu brand should they express views and opinions inconsistent with the official announcements.

Operation of the Anritsu Group Official Account

Basic Stance

  1. We will strive to increase the level of satisfaction by providing even more useful information to customers and readers of company accounts, and contribute to the improvement of Anritsu brand.
  2. The official announcements and official disclosures of the company are information on our website and news releases to various mass media. Social media is a supplementary tool to assist the official announcement from the company, and should not be used as an official announcement or disclosure.
  3. We will promptly correct information if we recognize any incorrect or misleading information.
  4. If we obtain personal information through social media, we will appropriately handle and protect it based on our “Anritsu Group Privacy Policy”.

Deletion and Usage Restriction Criteria

If posts or comments that fall or may fall under any of the following are made to Anritsu’s official account, we may delete the post or comment or restrict its usage.

  1. Defamatory posting directed against Anritsu or third party
  2. False or groundless information
  3. Links to sites, inducement to other sites, or encouragement of sharing and spreading
  4. Infringement of the copyrights, portrait rights, or intellectual property rights of Anritsu or a third party
  5. Anything that could identify, disclose, or leak personal information
  6. Violation of laws and regulations, public order and morals, or obscene expressions
  7. Business activities, political activities, religious activities, and other profit-oriented activities
  8. Encouragement of criminal activities
  9. Violation of the terms of use of the relevant social media
  10. Actual or potential use or supply of harmful programs
  11. Other acts that Anritsu judges to be inappropriate


  1. Anritsu is not liable for any damage, disadvantage, or trouble caused to users in relation to the information sent from the Anritsu’s official account, changes or updates to the display of information, or any other use of the official account.
  2. Anritsu is not liable for any problems or disputes that may arise between users or between users and third parties in relation to the official account.
  3. Operation of the Anritsu official account may be terminated without notice. Anritsu is not liable for any damages, losses, costs, or burdens incurred by users due to the interruption or termination.
  4. We may reply to posts, comments, or direct messages from users. However, we are not obligated to reply to postings, comments, or direct messages.

Last Updated: January 2022

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