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Продолжительность: 00:24:10
Дата выпуска: 23/01/2019

Pulse VNA Measurements

The presentation will help attendees understand the need for Pulsed S-Parameter Measurements. It will discuss key points such as the devices and test methods required for Pulsed RF and/or Pulsed IV applications, include Pulse Profiling, PIP, and P2P measurements, and when a test set is required for such measurements. An overview is also presented regarding how a Pulse signal is seen is both the Time Domain and Frequency Domain. It will also describe the traditional test methods and historical trade-offs associated with such methods, ie Narrowband versus Wideband etc, and how they impact the final result. There will be a discussion regarding the common test challenges that engineers face and how they are countered with a modern VNA architecture. And finally, it will discuss the value of Coupled IF Receiver Windows alongside a powerful User interface to facilitate such measurements easily.

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