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Продолжительность: 00:28:28
Дата выпуска: 22/01/2019

Interference Hunting - Part 2

The presentation will help attendees get a better understanding of the methods used when trying to identify an RF interference problem and how to locate its source.

It will also go through some of the basic features found in almost any handheld spectrum analyser and how they can effectively be used when hunting for RF interference. These features include for example Max and Min Hold, Zero Span, Spectrogram, and Signal Analysis or Demodulation software.

The latter part of the presentation will introduce Anritsu system solutions, based on a handheld spectrum analyzer, that aid the user throughout the complete process of locating interferes. This includes starting by measuring at the cell site or complaint area with the bare analyzer to identify the interfering signal, then moving on with a drive test using the Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunter to cover a wider area and quickly find the location of the interfere, and lastly using the Anritsu Handheld Interference Hunter to pinpoint its location.

The presentation ends by introducing the Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor and its Vision software and how that can aid in detecting and finding interference.

Lastly, it will describe what is commonly observed in the real world. For example, interference caused by Passive Intermodulation, repeaters, unmodulated interferers, and jammers.

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