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BERTWave Series Remote Control Operation Manual

BERTWave Series Remote Control Operation Manual

Operations Manual pdf 4.0 MB Version: 22th Edition 11/07/2022

ESD Protection Adapter J1678A, J1679A

The Protection Adapters J1678A and J1679A are for protecting DUTs and measuring instruments against ESD/EOS and support high-reliability measurements.

Leaflet pdf 530.9 KB 14/07/2017

Selecting Tools at Measurement of High-Speed Digital Signals

The recent rapid increases in data volumes at network equipment, servers, and storage due to increasing use of smartphones, cloud computing, FTTx rollout, video streaming, etc., seem likely to increase even further in future. To cope with demand, many appliances and facilities are using digital signals exceeding the Gbit/s band. Dealing with these high-speed signals requires paying attention not only to the digital aspects but also to analog-type behavior, and care is required in choosing tools for monitoring these signals. This document discusses the key points when handling digital signals exceeding 10 Gbit/s from the perspective of measurement tools.

Technical Note pdf 1.0 MB 14/07/2017

MP2100A/MP2101A/MP2102A BERTWave Operation Manual

MP2100A/MP2101A/MP2102A BERTWave Operation Manual

Operations Manual pdf 8.2 MB 13/01/2016

MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software Operation Manual

MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software Operation Manual

Operations Manual pdf 2.7 MB 13/01/2016

MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software Operation Manual

MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software Operation Manual

Operations Manual pdf 2.2 MB 13/01/2016

Jitter Analysis Software MX210001A / Transmission Analysis Software MX210002A

All-in-One Simultaneous Waveform Simulation, Jitter Analysis, Eye Pattern Measurement and Eye Mask Test

Brochure pdf 1.6 MB 05/01/2016

Procedure for Calculating Extinction Ratio Correction Factor

This document explains how to measure the extinction ratio using sampling oscilloscopes; it is necessary because the measured value must be synchronized with the measuring instrument acting as the reference. The measurement method, Correction Factor calculation and input procedure are described using the MP2100A BERTWave as an example.

Quick Reference Guide pdf 822.2 KB 13/11/2014

Ideal Remote-Control Sequences

This document explains some typical remote sequences making use of the MP2100A functions and speed. Using the remote sequences described in this document and selecting the best commands for optical module production from the MP2100A embedded remote commands will help you configure an easy-to-use efficient optical module test system.

Application Note pdf 634.8 KB 31/10/2014

MP2100A BERTWave Series - Brochure

The all-in-one MP2100A BERTWave series supporting simultaneous BER and eye-pattern measurements is ideal for both R&D and manufacturing tests because it increases efficiency and cuts measurement costs by eliminating time consuming setup.

Brochure pdf 2.5 MB 15/11/2013

125 M to 12.5 Gbit/s BERT (MP2100A/MP2101A-090 PPG/ED Bit Rate Extension for PPG/ED)

The MP2100A BERTWave is a new-concept measuring instrument. Simultaneous BER and EYE/Pulse Scope measurements using an all-in-one tester increase efficiency and cut measurement costs by eliminating time-consuming setup. The MP2100A BERTWave series with excellent cost performance is ideal for both R&D and manufacturing tests.

Leaflet pdf 112.2 KB 14/11/2013

J1512A 7.5 GHz Passive Probe Set

Ideal probe for GHz-band sampling oscilloscope, Choice of 10:1 or 20:1 attenuation ratio, Low capacity input ideal for monitoring high-speed signal waveforms, Short input ground lead ideal for high-frequency circuit evaluation

Leaflet pdf 543.9 KB 14/11/2013

Ideal for LTE CPRI v4.1 Optical Module Evaluation

Simultaneous BER measurements, Eye/Pulse analysis and Jitter analysis using BERTWave increase efficiency and cut measurement time by eliminating time consuming setup. Fully supported LTE CPRI v4.1 bit rates (6.14G, 4.92G, 3.07G, 2.46G, 1.23 Gbit/s) make the BERTWave ideal for LTE CPRI optical transceiver mobile evaluation.

Leaflet pdf 388.0 KB 14/11/2013

MP2100A BERTWave Series - Product Introduction

Product Introduction for the MP2100A BERTWave Series

Product Introduction pdf 2.9 MB 14/11/2013

External CDR Board for Eye Pattern Measurement (G0301A External CDR Board (<2.667G))

Wide 2000-kHz (max.) loop bandwidth supporting OC-48 measurements in full compliance with ITU-T G.984 for reduced jitter components at waveform monitoring.

Leaflet pdf 197.2 KB 16/11/2012

For 10G-Band Optical Module Eye Mask

MP2100A-007 Single-Channel Electrical BERT, Optical/Single-Ended Electrical Scope, MP2100A-086/MP2102A-086 LPF (H) for Multi 10G

Leaflet pdf 242.9 KB 02/11/2012

Using the Eye Pattern to Troubleshoot Signal Impairments

The eye pattern is a useful tool for assessing the integrity of digital signals. The ones and zeroes of a data stream are superimposed to form an eye pattern, providing a good representation of how the data has been affected by a transmission link. Statistical measurements such as extinction ratio and Q-factor are often performed on the eye pattern for compliance testing of devices and transmission paths. These provide good pass/fail criteria, but lend little information as to what may be degrading the signal path.

Technical Note pdf 795.1 KB 15/08/2012

Jitter Analysis - Basic Classification of Jitter Components using Sampling Scope

To cope with the rapid increases in data volumes, data centers are introducing high-speed interconnects between servers with transmission speeds faster than 10 Gbit/s. However, in conflict with these speed increases, there is increasing demand for lower power consumption as well as cost reductions. Furthermore, higher jitter levels and degraded waveforms are becoming a problem. Various measuring instruments, such as sampling scopes (Eye Pattern analyzer) and BERTs are being used to classify and analyze jitter components, such as DJ, RJ, etc., that affect communications quality over Fibre Channel, Infiniband, 10GbE, USB, PCI, etc., high-speed serial transmission standards used in data communications and computing.

Application Note pdf 1.3 MB 29/06/2012

Evaluation Transmission Characteristics of over Gbps Connectors/Cables

The MP2100A BERTWave series supports signal source (PPG), sampling oscilloscope, and BER measurement functions. Installing the MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software in the all-in-one MP2100A makes waveform, Eye Margin, BER and S21 measurements simple and fast.

Leaflet pdf 756.9 KB 03/02/2012

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MX210000A BERTWave Software Release Note

Changed history and update procedure for BERTWave software

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 1.0 MB Version: 52th Edition 11/07/2022

MX210000A BERTWave Software for MP210xA

MX210000A for MP210xA MD5 : da2409b9714f9743afb2d7e8ebf32ba7

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 42.5 MB Version: 3.03.03 26/07/2018

LabView Sample software

Developed LabVIEW 7.1 (Note) Use software after agreeing to the terms in the downloaded license. MD5 : 49e5463870d6053a36ab0f21ae8c1fe7

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 549.7 KB 04/12/2013

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