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Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A Series

The Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1800A series makes it the perfect solution for satisfying customers' bit-error rate measurement needs.

Brochure pdf 5.5 MB 15/05/2019

MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis Operation Manual

English MP1825B Operation Manual.

Operations Manual pdf 3.2 MB Version: 20 23/04/2018

Supplementary Explanation of MP1825B Full and Half-Rate Clock Operation

This quick reference explain the full and half-rate clock operation of MP1825B for jitter tolerance testing.

Quick Reference Guide pdf 754.1 KB 24/05/2017

4 Tap Emphasis MP1825B

Characteristics Evaluation for Interconnect Serial Interface with 28.1 Gbit/s 4 taps Pre-emphasis Signals

Brochure pdf 1.2 MB 30/09/2016

MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis Operation Manual

MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis generates Emphasis waveform for input signal waveform. The generated waveform supports various standards. The MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis is used in combination with the Signal Quality Analyzer main frame and plug-in modules. The waveform amplitude and form are easily edited using a simple graphical user interface (GUI).

Operations Manual pdf 3.3 MB 16/07/2015

32.1 Gbit/s 4 Tap Emphasis

Pre-emphasis up to 4 taps, Maximum bit-rate 32.1 Gbit/s, Jitter transparent, Compact remote head

Leaflet pdf 297.3 KB 25/10/2013

Ideal Pre-Emphasis Constant Setting

This Application Note explains the reduction in signal integrity caused by the transmission path, and proposes how to control reductions in signal integrity using emphasis technology and calculation of the ideal emphasis constant.

Application Note pdf 797.5 KB 08/12/2011

28 Gbit/s 4Tap Emphasis Test Solution (MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis)

Pre-emphasis up to 4 taps, Support two range of bit rates, 14.05 Gbit/s or 28.1 Gbit/s, Jitter transparent, Compact remote head

Leaflet pdf 349.6 KB 21/04/2011

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