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Drone Testing

Testing and Challenges

Drone Testing - Link and System

Testing drones in the field is challenging:

  • The environment is what it is and can’t be controlled.
  • Environmental conditions are not repeatable.
  • Test engineers must travel to myriad field environments.
  • Regulations are stringent, constantly changing, and inconsistent from one place to another.

All this drives up costs and time-to-market significantly.

Azimuth's Drone Testing Solutions

Azimuth's solutions solve the challenges associated with drone testing, and help you bring a better product to the market, faster and with lower costs by moving more of the testing to the controlled, repeatable environment of the lab.

Azimuth offers a family of solutions built on the ACE channel emulators, the scalable RF Platform—Spider™—and our field playback solution, Field-to-Lab. These help test performance under:

  • Typical user scenarios (e.g., drone flying towards the user)
  • Characteristic RF environments (e.g., drone flying in an indoor environment with lots of scatterers)
  • Actual field environments (e.g., drone flying inside a specific sports stadium)
Drone Testing

In addition, Azimuth's solutions also help test different aspects of the drone such as the radio link/module or the drone/overriding applications.

Radio link between the drone and the controller

  • Focus on testing the performance of the radio module (s) under different RF environments (e.g., fading channels, velocity)
  • Relevant for the radio module manufacturers, drone manufacturers


  • Focus on testing the performance of the drone or an overriding application under different usage scenarios
  • Relevant for drone manufacturers, service providers, application developers
Drone Testing - Link and System

Use Cases

  • Testing the performance of the radio module, drone, or overriding applications
  • Benchmarking/regression testing of drones, modules, algorithms
  • Catching issues before going to the field (the lab is a controlled environment, so issues are easier to re-create and address)
  • Re-create field issues such as poor video quality in a high interference environment
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