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4-портовый широкополосный векторный анализатор цепей VectorStar ME7838E4/A4/D4

The VectorStar series of broadband Vector Network Analyzers offer the widest available 4-port single sweep measurements from 70 kHz to 110, 125, 145, and 150 GHz with mmWave bands up to 1.1 THz

The VectorStar ME7838A4/E4/D4 Broadband systems provide high performance 4-port measurements utilizing compact mmwave modules with industry-best calibration stability. While other broadband systems continue to provide raw performance with negative directivity in critical frequency bands, the ME7838 series, which includes the 4-port systems, is the only broadband system with positive raw directivity in all bands. The result is better calibration stability and better measurement stability with significantly longer time between calibrations for accurate measurements and improved productivity. The new ME7838D4 takes high performance 4-port broadband measurements to a new level by incorporating the Anritsu MA25300A mmWave module. The MA25300A module combines Anritsu developed Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology in a small, compact high performance mmWave module with a 0.8 mm test port connector for measurements up to 145 GHz.

All VectorStar broadband systems include an RF VNA architecture using bridges instead of couplers to extend frequencies down to the RF bands (operational to 40 kHz) for near-DC analysis with excellent dynamic range.

AWR Connected™ to Anritsu VectorStar
Anritsu's VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) uniquely combines design and measurement by including AWR's Microwave Office® design software as a standard feature within the instrument, as a separate application on your desktop.

You now have access to all of the design tools essential for high-frequency IC, PCB, and module design at your fingertips, right on your VNA, including:

  • Linear circuit simulators
  • Electromagnetic (EM) analysis tools
  • Integrated schematic and layout

The integration of high-frequency design tools within high-performance VNAs is the way of the future - but it's available today, only from Anritsu and AWR.


AWR Connected™ на устройствах Anritsu VectorStarAWR Microwave Office Connected - View Full Size
В векторных анализаторах цепей Anritsu VectorStar уникальным образом сочетаются возможности проектирования и выполнения измерений за счет того, что в стандартной комплектации данные приборы поставляются с программным обеспечением AWR Microwave Office®, которое можно использовать в качестве отдельного приложения на компьютере.

Вы получаете доступ ко всем средствам, которые применяются при проектировании высокочастотных интегральных схем, печатных плат и модулей, непосредственно на своем векторном анализаторе цепей, включая:

  • средство моделирования линейных схем
  • средства электромагнитного анализа
  • топологии интегральных микросхем

Интеграция средств проектирования в высокопроизводительные векторные анализаторы цепей может показаться фантастикой, но эти системы доступны уже сегодня, только от компаний Anritsu и AWR.

The VectorStar ME7838E4, ME7838A4, and ME7838D4 Series broadband VNA offers the widest available 4-port single sweep measurements from 70 kHz to 110, 125, 145, and 150 GHz with mmWave bands up to 1.1 THz

  • The ME7838E4 4-port system sweeps from 70 kHz to 110 GHz
  • The ME7838A4 4-port system sweeps from 70 kHz to 110/125 GHz
  • The ME7838D4 4-port system sweeps from 70 kHz to 145/150 GHz
  • All systems may be configured to include banded millimeter-wave modules up to 1.1 THz
  • Industry-best calibration and measurement stability: 0.1 dB vs 0.6 dB over 24 hrs
  • All systems also supports the 3744x-Rx receiver for noise figure measurements to 125 GHz
  • Compact, lightweight mmWave modules offer low cost installation with industry-best performance

Anritsu has partnered with the following industry-leading companies to provide a variety of proven material measurement capabilities that are compatible with the VectorStar and ShockLine vector network analyzer families.

Material Measurements

Compass Technology Group logo
Compass Technology
Choose from off-the-shelf or custom-designed RF material measurement systems able to measure material properties from 100 MHz to 90 GHz. These solutions include: focused beam, resonant cavity, waveguides, spot probes, free space measurement systems, and more.

Anritsu and Compass Technology Group Material Measurements Solutions
Compass Technology Group VectorStar Integration [video]
KEYCOM Characteristic Technologies logo
Keycom Technologies
Select from a variety of material measurement solutions that leverage various methods including: resonator, frequency change, probe type, co-axial tube and waveguide type S-parameter, free space, capacitance, epsilometery, and more.

Anritsu and Keycom Material Measurement Solution
Swiss to 12 logo
Providing hardware and software technology capable of measuring: solid samples; soft sample and foam; liquid samples and powder; thin films; dielectric coatings and multilayer materials; alumina plate; and more.

Anritsu and SWISSto12 Material Measurement Solution

Broadband VNA Configurations:

Model Description
ME7838E4 70 kHz – 110 GHz, 4-port Broadband VNA, 1mm coax output
ME7838A4 70 kHz — 110 GHz, operational to 40 kHz — 125 GHz, 4 Port Broadband VNA, 1 mm coax output
ME7838D4 70 kHz – 145 GHz, operational 40 kHz – 150 GHz, 4-port Broadband VNA, 0.8 mm coax output
Demonstration of UFX Option 21 and Its Advantages

Demonstration of UFX Option 21 and Its Advantages
Type-B network extraction

Performing Differential On-Wafer Measurements to 145 GHz with the VectorStar ME7838D4 System

Performing Differential On-Wafer Measurements to 145 GHz with the VectorStar ME7838D4 System
Step by step tutorial

Introducing Cutting-edge Pulse Measurement Capability with Anritsu's new VectorStar B Series VNAs equipped with PulseView

Pulse Measurement Capability
Testing radar sub-systems and components. On-wafer device characterization. Analysis tools.

VectorStar VNAs deliver Out of this world accuracy

Out of This World Accuracy
VectorStar delivers new standard in broadband performance, on-wafer active and passive devices

Vector Network Analysis for Components and Subsystems

Vector Network Analysis
4 port solution, high performance multi-frequency gain compression, easy set up, fast measurement

Introducing the VectorStar Broadband System from Anritsu

Introducing the VectorStar® Broadband System from Anritsu
The VectorStar ME7838A broadband system introduces a new standard in broadband performance for customers needing to characterize on-wafer active and passive devices and high speed signal integrity measurements.

For Every Question there is an Anritsu

VectorStar - The Answer
Learn how Anritsu's VectorStar has the Answer to your Questions

Making High-Quality Noise Figure Measurements on an Amplifier

Making High-Quality Noise Figure Measurements on an Amplifier
This video describes how to make high-quality amplifier noise figure measurements with an Anritsu VectorStar vector network analyzer.

VectorStar Broadband System, 70 kHz to 145 GHz

Anritsu showcases the VectorStar Broadband System at IMS 2014

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