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Network Analyzer

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54100A series Network Analyzers provide characterization of devices such as amplifiers, antennas, attenuators, adapters,  RF bridges, duplexers, couplers, attenuators, cables, waveguide transmission lines, isolators, circulators, mixers, receivers,  transceivers, up/down converters, multiplexers, power dividers, VCOs, switches, and filters. Advanced hardware and software features speed productivity and improve accuracy. Speed tuning processes with automated bandwidth search functions.  Fast recall mode quickly steps through test procedures and sophisticated limit line controls quickly identify conformance  to specifications. Low source harmonics and high directivity SWR autotesters assure accuracy.



 Replacement Products

MG3690B Series RF/Microwave Signal Generators with option 6 + ML2437A/ML2438A Power Meter

The ML2437A and ML2438A power meters incorporate an analog source sweep mode that can be used with a MG3690B Series RF/Microwave Signal Generator with the analog sweep option 6 installed. Standard MA2472D sensors can be used as the detectors. This solution provides better absolute power accuracy than a scalar and can be used to measure gain/loss and output power of amplifiers and other components.

A special SC7150 adapter is available to connect a standard scalar Autotester to the power meter. The power meter can measure return loss using this adapter.

There are several different Autotester models covering the following connector types and in Male and Female variants where appropriate:

  • GPC-7 (560-97A50)
  • N (560-97N50, NF50 and –1)
  • WSMA (560-98S50,SF50 and –1)
  • K (560-98K50,KF50)
  • V (560-98VA50,VFA50)

There is also a Convertible Autotester (560-98C50A) that can be configured for SMA, 3.5, and K connectors with the purchase of different test port heads.

This solution has been adopted in the design of ATE systems.

 Vector Network Analyzers

The Anritsu Site Master series, MS462xA/B/C/D Series, 37200D Series Lightning, and the MS2024A/MS2026A handheld 4-6 GHz Vector Network Analyzers are all suitable alternatives for various scalar measurement replacement applications.

  • Fast, accurate measurement of transmission, return loss, precision return loss, SWR, group delay, absolute power, and distance-to-fault
  • Crystal-based source for exceptional stability and accuracy
  • Built-in automation features including distance-to-fault
  • Built-in floppy disk drive
  • Rugged, reliable chassis