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366X Series Verification Kits

Verification Kits

366X Series
  • Traceable to NIST
  • Primary use by metrology laboratory

The Anritsu Verification Kits contain precision components with characteristics that are traceable to NIST.  Used primarily by the metrology laboratory, these components provide the most dependable means of determining the system accuracy of your VNA. A disk containing factory measured test data for all components is supplied for comparison with customer-measured data.

Kits are for use with 37xxx Lightning VNAs

Model Number




Type N
Verification Kit

  • 42N-50, 50 dB Attenuator
  • 18N50-10, 10 cm Airline
  • 42N20, 20 dB Attenuator
  • 18N50-10B, 10 cm Stepped Impedance Airline (Beatty standard)
  • Verification kit disks


3.5 mm
Verification Kit

  • 19S50-7, 7.5 cm Airline
  • 19SF50-7B, 7.5 cm Stepped Impedance Airline (Beatty standard)
  • 42S-50, 50 dB Attenuator
  • 42S-20, 20 dB Attenuator
  • Verification kit disks


Verification Kit

  • 42A-50, 50 dB Attenuator
  • 42A-20, 20 dB Attenuator
  • 18A50-10, 10 cm Airline
  • 18A50-10B, 10 cm Stepped Impedance Airline (Beatty standard)
  • Verification kit disks
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