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Sustainability Management

Sustainability Policy
The Anritsu Group believes our business should increase our long-term value through contributions to the sustainability of global society with sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm.
  1. We will contribute to building a safe, secure and comfortable society through our business activities, based on our long-term vision.
  2. We will maintain harmony with the global socio-economy and society through ethical company activities.
  3. We will contribute to the preservation of the global environment by promoting environmental management for the coexistence of people and nature.
  4. We will build strong partnerships by promoting communication with all stakeholders.

System for Promoting Sustainability

Anritsu has aggressively pursued sustainability activities based on its Company Philosophy, Company Vision, Company Policies and Sustainability Policy that was formulated in April 2018.

System for Promoting Sustainability

The Future Goal of Our Sustainability Management

Anritsu provides the value to our customers through our products and solutions. And together with customers, Anritsu contributes to solve social issues and realize the sustainable society.

Please download the PDF for more details.

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Sustainability Management System

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