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Establishment of Compliance

Establishment of Compliance

Basic Concept

By promoting sound and fair corporate behavior that addresses social concerns beyond basic adherence to laws and regulations, Anritsu continually advances key measures for strengthening its Compliance Promotion System and for enhancing ethical awareness throughout the Group’s entire workforce.

We believe it is important to respond to public expectations by developing a deep awareness of our corporate social responsibility among all employees, complying with laws and regulations in all aspects of our corporate activities, and acting according to social ethics. To that end, we have specific policies to guide corporate action, including the elimination of harassment in the workplace and the protection of personal information. All employees understand that actions which violate these polices will not be tolerated and that they cannot allow themselves or others to engage in activities that are unsound or insincere.

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Compliance Promotion System

Promotion of compliance at Anritsu is led by the president, who takes the role as the chairman of the Management Strategy Conference. Under this conference, we have set up a Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee, chaired by the executive officer in charge of compliance, which oversees activities related to compliance at Anritsu Group companies in Japan.

With regard to Anritsu Group companies outside Japan, the Legal Department, which serves as the secretariat of the Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee, works with various committees on legal matters to provide guidance and necessary support for the efforts of every company to comply with ethics and laws with due respect for the legal systems, cultures and customs of each country or region. The Legal Department also works with compliance officers at each overseas company to establish a global system for compliance.

The Internal Audit Department conducts an audit of the system to ensure that it is functioning appropriately and offers recommendations and requests for improvement as needed.

Compliance Promotion System

Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee and Ongoing Improvement Activities (Annual)

The Anritsu Group in Japan set up a Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee consisting of representatives from individual departments related to corporate ethics and from Group companies. The committee plans, supports and implements Group compliance activities in Japan. We conduct a corporate ethics survey during CSR Promotion Month (October), and each business unit formulates an annual action plan for the next fiscal year based on the results of the survey. With the action plan, each business unit carries out its own improvement activities. The effectiveness of the plan is assessed through the results of a survey the following year to ensure continuous improvement of our compliance activities.

Action plans, survey results and other information related to the CSR Reinforcement Week in April and CSR Promotion Month in October are reported at the Management Strategy Conferences in March, September and December. In March, an annual report on compliance activities, including the results of the fiscal year and plans for the next fiscal year, is presented to the Board of Directors.

Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee and Ongoing Improvement Activities (annual)


To maintain good business ethics, prevent violations of laws and build pleasant workplace conditions, Anritsu Group companies in Japan operate the Helplines, which accepts internal reports and requests for consultation. Also, we provide the three outside helplines (the Lawyers, Industrial Counselors, and Workplace helplines). Lawyers are available from outside the company for employees to consult for legal advice. In addition, Legal Consultation Days (twice a month) are held to provide legal consultation on internal problems as well as any other issues affecting the lives of employees.

Both the In-house Helpline and the Workplace Helpline maintain rules of confidentiality on the content of reports and the fact that a report was made, and neither the reporter nor the informant will be unfairly treated in any way. From April 2015 to March 2016, the contact point received the following consultation requests.

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