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CTO Message

CTO Message
Hanako Noda
Executive Officer, CTO, General Manager of Technical Division

Anritsu’s Technology Strategy

Anritsu develops business on a global basis in a wide range of fields, including information and communication, as well as quality assurance for food and pharmaceutical products.

Today, 5G and IoT are not only making information and communication more sophisticated; they are also revolutionizing society.

Both wireless connectivity and wired networks are indispensable for the realization of 5G and IoT. Anritsu is supporting the development of society by offering measurement solutions in both of these fields.

The demand for food diversity and safety is increasing with improvements in the standard of living. Moreover, reducing food loss has also become a major challenge for society. Anritsu supports food quality assurance and helps to deliver deliciousness, safety, and security by providing solutions for automating quality inspection processes on food production lines.

The foundation for delivering these solutions is our “Original & High Level” core technologies, which we have developed through more than 120 years of experience. Our communication test and measurement solutions leverage the acquired technologies such as analog circuits, mmWave, digital circuits, optical transmission, optical digital signal processing, and protocols, while our Product Quality Assurance solutions utilize image processing and AI technologies in addition to X-ray/Metal Detector sensing technologies.

In addition, we are also looking ahead to Anritsu five years from now, and working to acquire sensing technologies to quantify (convert into data) intangible information, as well as data analysis technologies such as AI, which adds value to data, in order to expand the “measurement” domain.

Going forward, we will focus on acquiring the fundamental technologies that will serve as the wellspring of our competitiveness in 10 to 20 years ahead.