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Message from the Group CEO

Hirokazu Hashimoto President and Group CEO

Hirokazu Hashimoto
President and Group CEO

How Anritsu will Achieve
“Continuous Growth with Sustainable Superior Profits”

For over 120 years, Anritsu has often made history in the fields of information and communications, consistently demonstrating its value to society. We have done so by emphasizing two objectives. The first is to create value through leading-edge solutions that meet the needs both of our customers and society overall. We are also dedicated to innovating new businesses by thoroughly assessing our core technologies from a wide variety of perspectives, sharpening our competitive edge in the process.

The cornerstone of our commitment to leading-edge solutions and innovation is our Corporate Philosophy of “Sincerity, Harmony, and Enthusiasm.” In other words, as part of our corporate DNA, we place top priority on trustworthiness in all our undertakings, on ongoing engagement with stakeholders, and on meaningful initiatives that fulfill our responsibilities to society. Going forward, we will rededicate ourselves to taking the steps necessary to achieve our goals of “Continuous Growth with Sustainable Superior Profits.”

To be sure, achieving our goal of becoming the “Global Market Leader” means we have many tasks to accomplish. We will both continue to refine our original, core business model developed since our founding and to renew our commitment to innovation that contributes to the realization of a safe, secure, and prosperous global society.

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