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Applications Notes


Power Measurement Solutions in High-volume Manufacturing
Increasing throughput and reducing costs on the manufacturing line In high volume manufacturing of semiconductors, chipsets, cell phones, etc., throughput, quality, and price are three major factors of success. It’s critical that manufacturers deliver on both timing and quality so as not to impact the rest of the supply chain, and in a highly competitive industry, pennies per unit can make the difference between winning or losing a contract. Unfortunately, speed, accuracy, and cost tend to be opposing forces. How do you produce more units per run while ensuring quality – without breaking the budget? Download this paper to read more.


Remote Control of Anritsu’s MS24400A USB Peak Power Sensor Series
Anritsu’s MA24400A USB Peak Power Sensor series can easily be configured for remote monitoring within your local network. Download this paper to read more.


Basics Of Power Measurement – Average Or Peak?
When setting up a test system, it’s critical to know the types of measurements you want to perform in order to select the right equipment. In the world of power measurement, one can easily be confused by the different types of sensors and their varying measurement capabilities. Download this paper to read more.

Choosing A Power Meter: Benchtop vs. USB
The purpose of this article is to educate users on some basic differences between power meter and sensor options currently on the market, so that you can make more educated decisions when creating your test systems. Download this paper to read more.

How to Select A Power Sensor
Examines the basic technologies of power sensors, their advantages, and their disadvantages. Delve deeper into the sensors’ operation and provide insight as to which ones may be more suitable for your applications. Download this paper to read more.

Understanding Measurement Uncertainty in Power Measurement
The purpose of this article is to better define the different factors of measurement uncertainty, discuss their relative impact on overall uncertainty, and explain the important things to look for when picking a power meter and/or sensor. Download this paper to read more.