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Remote Spectrum Monitor Hardware

MS2710xA 원격 스펙트럼 모니터 하드웨어

  • 9 kHz ~ 6 GHz 주파수 범위
  • 빠른 스위프 속도(최대 24 GHz/s)
  • 20 MHz 즉각적인 FFT 대역폭
  • IQ 캡처 및 스트리밍
  • 통합 프리앰프(Preamp) 및 GPS 수신기
  • 기가비트 이더넷(Gigabit Ethernet)
  • 내장 웹서버(Chrome 및 Firefox 지원)
  • 원격으로 펌웨어 업데이트


MS27101A Interference Hunter


Remote Spectrum Monitor
Half-Rack Size Enclosure
For cellular, DAS, other applications

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27102A


Remote Spectrum Monitor
9 kHz to 6 GHz
IP67 rated for outdoor deployment

MS27103A 12-24 Port Remote Spectrum Monitor


Remote Spectrum Monitor
12 RF input ports (optional 24 port)
Measure multiple sectors & carriers

MS27100A Spectrum Monitor OEM Board


Spectrum Monitor OEM Board
ID and remove illegal signals
Characterize spectrum occupancy

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