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MW9077A/A1 OTDR Module Operation Manual

The MW9077A/A1 OTDR Module can be used as an OTDR for supporting measurements at various wavelengths by combining with a interface board and by sending various types of remote commands.

조작 메뉴얼 pdf 1.8 MB Version: 17th 2020/10/29

MW9077A/A1/A2/B OTDR Module

The MW9077A/A1/A2/B OTDR Module is ideal for monitoring optical fiber systems. In recent years, optical-fiber monitoring is being used in many fields including maintenance of opticalcommunications networks as well as security sensors, flood sensors and disaster-prevention systems, etc. The MW9077A/A1/A2/B OTDR Module offers a compact and high-performance solution for optical fiber applications.

팜플렛 pdf 434.5 KB 2016/08/15

MW9077A/A2/A2/B OTDR Module Product Introduction

This document describes the MW9077A/A1/A2/B OTDR module.

제품의 소개 pdf 615.9 KB 2006/02/07

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