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Anritsu Automotive Product Lineup: Test Expertise for the Future of Transportation

This leaflet introduces our high performances testers for automotive markets and let our targets know Anritsu’s total automotive lineup at a glance. Easy QR codes linking to product websites to get more detail information.

리플렛 pdf 5.5 MB 2022/04/25

Single Box Solution for RF and Application Testing of 5G SA/NSA Devices

Single box solution by MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station strongly supports both RF and application testing for 5G SA/NSA, FR1/2 without any LTE anchor units. This leaflet is for mobile network operators and vendors such as 5G Smartphone/IoT device/In-vehicle telecommunication unit from R&D to QA process, by showing some examples of the trouble case which could happen on each devices before/after commercialization, and how MT8000A can solve them by unique GUI-based software with easy operation.

리플렛 pdf 625.6 KB 2022/04/06

Test UICC for Smartphones (Anritsu Test UICC, W-CDMA/GSM Test USIM, RTD Standard UICC)

• Call Processing with Anritsu Instrument Default Settings • Preset 3GPP TS 34.108 Test Parameter Settings • Confirmed Support for Popular Smartphones

리플렛 pdf 1.4 MB 2022/04/06

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A supports both 5G NR RF measurements and protocol tests in sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave bands. With the RF Chamber MA8171A, the MT8000A provides integrated OTA environment for beamforming test, etc.

제품의 소개 pdf 3.8 MB 2022/03/30

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A supports both 5G NR RF measurements and protocol tests in sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave bands with the base station emulation function. Moreover, it supports not only 5G SA (Standalone) but also NSA (non-Standalone) mode with the customer's existing LTE measurement assets.

팜플렛 pdf 3.8 MB 2022/03/30

RF Signaling call box, Signal Analyzer and Signal Generator for 5G/LTE User Equipment RF Evaluation

This is a leaflet about MT8000A/MT8821C, signal analyzer and signal generator used for 5G/LTE User Equipment RF evaluation.

리플렛 pdf 358.3 KB 2022/01/21

Interference Test of 5G/LTE User Equipment with Signal Generator and RF Signaling call box

This is a leaflet about the interference test of 5G/LTE User Equipment with signal generator and MT8000A/MT8821C

리플렛 pdf 218.1 KB 2022/01/21

5G Solutions Catalog 2021

Introduces Anritsu 5G solutions and products. Anritsu will contribute to customer's 5G product development and future innovation of network.

팜플렛 pdf 3.0 MB 2021/11/30

Base station manufacturing test solution

All-in-one Tx power, Frequency error, EVM, ACLR, OBUE, and Rx sensitivity tests for manufacturing both Sub-6 GHz and mmWave base stations.

팜플렛 pdf 1.9 MB 2021/09/29

5G Base Station Manufacturing Test Solution

Combining the MX800045A/MX800046A with the MT8000A supports 5G base station (BTS) non-signalling RF tests as a manufacturing solution for 5G BTS.

제품의 소개 pdf 861.4 KB 2021/09/29

Anritsu 5G Protocol test Solution Introduction

This document outlines the 5G Protocol Test and introduces an MT8000A use case.

제품의 소개 pdf 4.2 MB 2021/06/03

Measurement Improves CPE Product Quality

Anritsu offers three products for CPE R&D and QA. These testers have a Signaling Mode to establish call connection by functioning as a base station or access point. The Signaling Mode is effective for evaluating end-device RF performance, such as OTA TRP/TIS, because there is no need to use test firmware or a device control interface.

리플렛 pdf 216.0 KB 2020/12/18

5G Device Function Tests

SmartStudio NR MX800070A is a GUI-based state machine for simulating 5G/LTE base stations and core networks. In addition to test-scenario development, this comprehensive test environment supports highly reproducible communications conditions between 5G networks and user equipment (UE) as well as presumed functions, application operations, and software regression testing.

리플렛 pdf 679.6 KB 2020/09/30

Flexible & Efficient 5G IMS Service Tests

With a built-in IMS server, SmartStudio NR MX800070A has both a Server Mode for scenario-free GUI-based evaluations as well as a Script Mode allowing users to edit IMS messages themselves. The resulting wide coverage from basic to application tests helps cut users’ evaluation work loads while supporting flexible testing.

리플렛 pdf 1.5 MB 2020/08/14

Multiple Box Solution For NR/LTE Protocol Test

This document is described about protocol test using multiple MT8000A.

제품의 소개 pdf 1.9 MB 2020/06/29

Effective Battery-Consumption/Heat-Generation Test Environment for 5G Devices

5G standards supporting faster speeds and diversified services, leading in turn to more and longer smartphone usage. The resulting high battery consumption and heat generation are issues to be solved. SmartStudio NR provides the necessary stable, flexible, and full evaluation environment for battery-consumption and heat-generation tests at the first implementation evaluation phase in 5G smartphone development.

리플렛 pdf 619.3 KB 2020/06/09

Configuring Efficient IP Throughput Test Environment for 5G Devices

This leaflet explains the importance of IP throughput testing in 5G and the functions of SmartStudio NR MX800070A.

리플렛 pdf 1.4 MB 2020/05/20

5G NR RF TRx Measurement/Protocol Test

Brief introduction of 5G NR RF measurement and protocol test on MT8000A

리플렛 pdf 649.6 KB 2018/09/28

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