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3656C W1 Calibration/Verification Kit and System Performance Verification Software User Guide

This manual provides description and maintenance instructions for the Model 3656C W1 (1 mm) Calibration and Verification Kit and describes the use of the Anritsu Performance Verification Software (PVS). P/N: 10410-00784

유저 가이드 pdf 13.2 MB Version: A 2021/10/01

VectorStar Broadband/Banded Millimeter-Wave Module Reference Manual

This Reference Manual provides information about the VectorStar Broadband/Banded Millimeter-Wave Modules. These modules are used with the ME7838 Series VectorStar Broadband/Banded Millimeter-Wave VNA Systems. P/N: 10410-00311

퀵 reference guide pdf 7.9 MB Version: H 2021/09/14

VectorStar ME7838D/G 2-Port Broadband/Banded Millimeter-Wave System Quick Start Guide

This guide provides quick setup instructions for the ME7838D/G Broadband/Banded mmWave VNA System assembly. P/N: 10410-00732

퀵 스타트 가이드 pdf 4.4 MB Version: D 2021/09/14

VectorStar ME7838A Series Broadband/Millimeter-Wave System Quick Start Guide

This guide provides quick setup instructions for the ME7838A Broadband/Banded mm-Wave VNA System assembly. P/N: 10410-00292

퀵 스타트 가이드 pdf 2.5 MB Version: F 2021/09/14

VectorStar ME7838E 2-Port Broadband/Banded Millimeter-Wave System Quick Start Guide

This guide provides quick setup instructions for the ME7838E Broadband/Banded mmWave VNA System assembly. P/N: 10410-00729

퀵 스타트 가이드 pdf 2.4 MB Version: E 2021/09/14

VectorStar ME7838 Series 2-Port Broadband and Banded Millimeter-Wave System Installation Guide

This manual provides instructions for setup and initial test of the VectorStar ME7838 Series Broadband/Banded Millimeter-Wave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) System. P/N: 10410-00293

인스톨 가이드 pdf 8.4 MB Version: J 2021/09/14

VectorStar ME7838 Series 2-Port Broadband/Banded Millimeter-Wave VNA Maintenance Manual

This manual provides general service and maintenance instructions for Anritsu ME7838 Series Broadband/Millimeter-Wave Vector Network Analyzer System. P/N: 10410-00306

보수 메뉴얼 pdf 6.5 MB Version: H 2021/09/14

VectorStar ME7838x mm-Wave Noise Figure Measurements Measurement Guide

This Measurement Guide provides instructions for using the 3744A-Rx mm-Wave Receiver Module for making noise figure measurements. P/N: 10410-00328

측정 가이드 pdf 1.8 MB Version: C 2021/09/14

Precision RF & Microwave Components Catalog

Anritsu is the leader of high frequency microwave connector technology and is driven by an ongoing commitment to exceed customer needs. Anritsu created and trademarked the K Connector with coverage to 40 GHz, along with a complete family of 40 GHz test equipment. It was an immediate success and today is used on many commercial components, test fixtures, and defense systems. P/N: 11410-00235

카탈로그 pdf 12.6 MB Version: AB 2021/07/23

VectorStar MS464xB Programming Manual

This manual provides information for remote operation of the VectorStar MS4640B Series VNAs using commands sent from an external controller via the IEEE 488 General Purpose Interface Bus, USB, and Ethernet. P/N: 10410-00322

프로그래밍 메뉴얼 pdf 30.3 MB Version: AB 2021/07/07

VectorStar ME7838D Series Technical Data Sheet

High Performance, Broadband Network Analysis Solutions, ME7838D Series Microwave Vector Network Analyzers Technical Data Sheet. P/N: 11410-00778

Datasheet pdf 4.8 MB Version: P 2021/07/06

VectorStar VNA ME7838G Series Technical Data Sheet

Through the use of a novel coaxial-mode interface connector and advanced transceivers, broadband frequency coverage beyond 220 GHz is now possible. The ME7838G allows a continuous, broadband frequency sweep from 70 kHz to 220 GHz without the need to concatenate multiple systems (operational from 40 kHz to 226 GHz). P/N: 11410-01060

Datasheet pdf 4.4 MB Version: E 2021/07/06

VectorStar ME7838A Series Technical Data Sheet

This document provides the specifications for the VectorStar. Broadband and mmWave configuration Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) listed below, including all related options, and accessories. Alternative configurations available on request. P/N: 11410-00593

Datasheet pdf 6.0 MB Version: V 2021/07/06

VectorStar MS464xB Product Information, Compliance, and Safety

This guide provides warranty, safety and regulatory compliance information for the VectorStar Series VNA products. P/N: 10100-00063

Datasheet pdf 2.0 MB Version: L 2021/07/06

VectorStar ME7838E Series Technical Data Sheet

This technical data sheet provides technical specifications for the VectorStar ME7838E Series Multiport Broadband Vector Network Analyzers. P/N: 11410-00767

Datasheet pdf 6.7 MB Version: P 2021/07/06

EU Declaration of Conformity for VectorStar Broadband VNA

This Declaration of Conformity is a special document issued by Anritsu to state that the product meets all of the applicable legislation and European directives. P/N: 10101-00065

Datasheet pdf 107.4 KB Version: D 2021/07/06

ME7838AX/A4X Technical Data Sheet

This Technical Data Sheet provides the specifications for the VectorStar Broadband System ME7838AX 2-port and ME7838A4X 4-port Vector Network Analyzer. P/N: 11410-02825

Datasheet pdf 9.1 MB Version: A 2021/07/06

ME7838EX/E4X Technical Data Sheet

This Technical Data Sheet provides the specifications for the VectorStar Broadband System ME7838EX 2-port and ME7838E4X 4-port Vector Network Analyzer. P/N: 11410-02827

Datasheet pdf 8.6 MB Version: A 2021/07/06

VNA Fundamentals Poster

This poster features sections on Circuits and Waves, S-Parameters, Reflection Coefficient, Phase and Group Delay, Non Linear Transmission Lines, VNA Architecture, Superposition/True Mode Stimulus, Time Domain, Pulse Measurements, and a Reflection Coefficient Table. P/N: 11410-00934

팜플렛 pdf 5.3 MB Version: E 2021/04/30

70 kHz to 110 GHz Broadband Power Calibrations Using the Anritsu Power Master MA24510A Application Note

This application note will explore the need for broadband amplitude calibrations from low frequency to 110 GHz as well as challenges for making such broadband measurements in both frequency and amplitude. It will also cover how to overcome these challenges. P/N: 11410-02855

application note pdf 3.3 MB Version: A 2021/03/23

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MS4640B VectorStar Application (Software and DSP Firmware)

Unzip the downloaded file into a flash drive. Important: New software installation instructions are included. Please be sure to read the "VectorStar How To Install" document before installing.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 zip 412.6 MB Version: 2021.6.2 2021/09/01

Exact Uncertainty Calculator

This software can be used to calculate and plot Transmission and Reflection, Magnitude and Phase, measurement uncertainty, for VectorStar and ShockLine and family VNAs. It takes into consideration different calibration methods and kits, different conditions such as IF BW, and non-zero s11, s22, and s21, s12 conditions for transmission and reflection uncertainties respectively.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 exe 760.5 KB Version: 2021.7.1 2021/07/20

VectorStar Application Installation

This version of software (and any other software version 2.1.0 and later, including those of format V201x.x.x) requires installation of Bittware 8.33 on the VNA prior to installation of the VectorStar application. Installation of Bittware is only needed once and does not need to be reinstalled at every VectorStar application installation. Please refer to Appendix A in this document for details about Bittware versions and installation of this driver. VectorStar-How-To-Install

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 pdf 107.3 KB 2020/05/21

CapVNA for VectorStar VNA

CAPVNA is a Windows program to capture, display, save and print the graphical and textual data from VectorStar VNAs. The displayed data can be loaded from a flash drive where it was previously saved at the VNA or captured directly from the VNA over the GPIB port. The displayed data can be saved in a variety of formats to the PC's internal disk drive or a network drive and printed to a local or network printer(including color).

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 exe 3.6 MB Version: 1.0.1 2017/09/18

VectorStar MS4640B Download WannaCry Security Patch

Security patch for the MS4640B Series VectorStar Vector Network Analyzers.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 zip 19.9 MB Version: 1.0 2017/08/03

Windows GPIB (Version 3.79)

WindowsGPIB is a Windows®-based program that sends and receives program data over GPIB, in response to commands entered from the keyboard or from a command file, similar but friendlier than NI's WIBIC. It is a good tool for testing mnemonics and commands while developing ATE programs. Windows GPIB supports only NI GPIB.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 exe 4.1 MB Version: 3.79 2017/01/10

Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator

The VectorStar Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator is a standalone program used to provide the user a tool for easily determining measurement uncertainty while using the VectorStar VNA Option 041 – Noise Figure. The calculator can be installed on the VectorStar instrument desktop or on a Windows XP/Windows 7 PC. Installation Instructions: Unzip the folder If running, close the VectorStar application. Run setup.exe and follow the instructions. If the installation requests a reboot, please reboot. Notes: The VectorStar application may start after a reboot. If the Uncertainty Calculator installation was not completed, please close the VectorStar application. Installation instructions may not be visible with the VectorStar application running. A desktop shortcut is not automatically created during installation.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 exe 78.8 MB Version: 1.0.1 2017/01/10

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