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Control Packages for CSR Devices

In partnership with CSR, Anritsu has developed control packages that provide a fully automated test solution for the devices listed below. Each control package uses a DLL containing commands that enable CombiTest to configure the chipsets from within a test plan. These commands are sent to the device via a host processor interface. When the test plan is executed, both the MT8860B/C and device are simultaneously controlled, allowing the test plan to proceed to completion in a fully automated manner.


Device Type CSR Control Software Supported Functionality
WLAN Standard Calibration Validation EEPROM Update
UF105x UniFi 7.0.2 802.11 b/g Y


CSR602x UniFi 7.0.2 802.11 a/b/g/n Y Y Y
CSR9000 UniFi 7.0.2 802.11 a/b/g/n Y Y Y


Note: CSR Control Software not supplied by Anritsu

To obtain any of the control packages listed, or to enquire about control package support for other CSR devices, please send an email to