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PCI Express Device Evaluation

Support PCIe Gen5  NEW

With PCI Express 5.0 (PCI Express Gen5) speeds up to 32 GT/s, sophisticated protocol-aware capabilities, signal quality, and troubleshooting analysis are becoming increasingly important. The Rx/Tx compliance test solution supporting the PCI Express Gen3 and Gen4 and Gen5 standards developed jointly by Anritsu, Teledyne LeCroy, and Granite River Labs not only solves customers’ Physical layer measurement issues but also slashes test times and cuts instrument investment costs.

Connection of Oscilloscope
Automation testing

With simplified measurements and high reproducibility, the compliance test software fully automates calibration, testing, and report creation, helping reduce test engineers’ workloads. Moreover, combining Anritsu’s highly customizable and expandable MP1900A BERT with the customer’s preferred real-time oscilloscope model cuts equipment costs while assuring all-in-one, futureproof support for PCI Express Gen1 to Gen5 and PAM4 applications.

PCI Express Gen5 Base Specification Receiver Test

PCI Express Gen5 Base Specification Receiver Test

PCI Express Gen5 Base Solution Features

  • All-in-One Crosstalk Test using 2ch PPG
  • Automatic Calibration using Variable ISI Option Without Changing Calibrated Channel Connection
  • True BER Measurement using SKP OS Filtering Function
  • Support for All SRIS, SRNS, and Common Clock Architectures

PCIe Gen4/5 Receiver Test Solution

PCI Express Device Evaluation Setup

PCIe Test Item

PCIe Gen3/Gen4/Gen5 Compliance Test automation software is supported.
* Contact our sales representative for kind of oscilloscope.

Specification Compliance Test Support software
Teledyne LeCroy GRL
Base Specification Receiver Link Equalization QPHY-PCIE5-Tx-Rx* GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA
CEM Specification Transmitter Signal Quality QPHY-PCIE4-Tx-Rx GRL-PCIE34-TXP1
Transmitter Pulse Width Jitter
Transmitter Preset
Transmitter initial Tx Equalization GRL-PCIE4-CEM-RXA
Transmitter Link Equalization response
Receiver Link Equalization
PLL Bandwidth
* Supports Gen3 to Gen5

Matrix Scan Function

To secure high-quality communications with the Link partner, the best combination of the Tx-side EQ and Rx-side EQ must be selected.
The Matrix scan function scans for the best Tx EQ setting at the receiver to find the best setting automatically at the receiver.

Matrix Scan Function

Link Training Function

The PCI Express receiver test requires establishment of the Link status using LTSSM before performing the DUT BER test.
Installing the PCIe Link Training MX183000A-PL021 option in the MP1900A supports verification of the Link status required for measurement. Additionally, the PCIe Link Training option has an LTSSM Analysis function for troubleshooting problems the Link status cannot be configured.