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Anritsu RF Conformance Test System Achieves 80% GCF Test Platform Approval


Anritsu RF Conformance Test System Achieves 80% GCF Test Platform Approval


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) announced today that Anritsu's ME7873L RF Conformance Test System (RFCT) has become the first test system to achieve GCF*1 test case approvals for 80% of LTE terminal RF test cases required for terminal certification*2.
Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a new, high-speed wireless service offering data speeds 5 to 10 times faster than current 3G mobile communications.
Anritsu's ME7873L RFCT received this GCF validation milestone for the initial group of RF test cases at the recent GCF meeting held in October making the ME7873L the world's first test platform for RF Conformance Tests*4 to offer all of the test cases included in this GCF milestone and approved by GCF. Additionally, these GCF validated test cases include covering the RRM*5 test—marking another world first. In addition to its leading RF conformance test solution, Anritsu offers LTE protocol conformance test*6 solutions to satisfy the requirements for GCF certification testing. Anritsu expects its protocol solutions to meet this important milestone before the end of 2010. Anritsu provides a complete range of products to help LTE device manufacturers to improve product quality and time to market. 

[Product Outline]
■ ME7873L RF Conformance Test System
The ME7873L is a test platform for validating that the TRx characteristics, performance, etc., of LTE terminals satisfy the 3GPP standards.

*1 GCF: Global Certification Forum
Organization determining basic validation test standards for network operations and mobile terminals to assure global interoperability between mobile systems GCF-validated measurement systems and measurement items guarantee that the test procedure and measurement accuracy match the conditions required for mobile terminal validation tests.

*2 Test Case
Test program for confirming operation of mobile terminal 

*3 CAG: Conformance and Interoperability Agreement Group
Industry group affiliated with GCF for purpose of determining specifications and validation process for assuring global interoperability between mobile terminals and networks; meets every 3 months to finalize validations

 *4 RF Conformance Test
Test for assuring mobile terminal TRx characteristics, performance, etc., in compliance with 3GPP standards

 *5 RRM Test
Test related to control of resources (wireless circuit, etc.) between base station and mobile terminal

 *6 Protocol Conformance Test
Test to confirm communications procedure between mobile terminal and base station meets relevant standards

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