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Anritsu Introduces LMR Master™ for Installation and Maintenance of Public Safety and Public Utility Communications Systems

S412D Handheld Combines Site Master Platform with P25 Transmitter Measurements and P25 Coverage Mapping for Single-Instrument Solution for LMR Applications


December 09, 2008

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Cable, Antenna, Spectrum, Interference, and P25 / iDEN Modulation Analyzer
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Anritsu Company introduces the S412D LMR Master, the first handheld test instrument exclusively for the installation, verification, and service of the new U.S. government-mandated P25 Public Safety communications systems. A lightweight, easy-to-use battery-operated instrument, the LMR Master combines the functionality of a cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, and power meter, significantly reducing the number of tools field technicians and engineers must use, thereby saving time and money while ensuring accuracy.

The S412D provides the full suite of measurements offered by Anritsu's industry leading Site Master analyzers, plus P25 transmitter measurements and P25 coverage mapping. Covering the 25 MHz to 1.6 GHz frequency range, the S412D can conduct antenna, cable, transmission, and transmitter measurements, as well as interference analysis. P25 transmitter measurements that can be made include constellation, EVM, symbol deviation error, and bit error rate (BER).

Recognizing that BER is the only true measure of coverage due to multipath and local interferers, Anritsu has designed with S412D with a unique P25 test signal to measure BER. The measurement capability in such a compact handheld instrument significantly simplifies coverage drive testing. Fast and easy coverage mapping can be achieved with the S412D, as the handheld analyzer can conduct 8 hours of BER and RSSI tied to GPS location.

Master Software Tools provide the user with comprehensive data management and post-processing tools that augment the capabilities of the LMR Master. This software provides a simple and easy method to manage, archive, analyze, and print measurement reports; customize cable, antenna, and signal standards lists; and keep the LMR Master up to date with the latest instrument firmware. In addition, Master Software Tools can log RSSI or BER measurements and GPS location/time into PC.

The Anritsu S412D utilizes the field-proven design of the Site Master. Compact yet rugged, the S412D is specifically designed for field environments and can easily withstand the day-to-day punishment of field use. The analyzer is almost impervious to the bumps and bangs typically encountered by portable field-based equipment. The battery can be changed without tools in seconds when necessary to help extend measurement time in the field. The standard transmissive color display is viewable in direct sunlight and at wide viewing angles.

The S412D LMR Master has a delivery of 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

About Anritsu
Anritsu Company is the American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions for more than 110 years. Anritsu provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems and operators. Anritsu products include wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communication products and systems. With offices throughout the world, Anritsu sells in over 90 countries with approximately 4,000 employees.

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Katherine Van Diepen
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Anritsu Company
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