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V255 Bias Tee

제2세대 초광대역 바이어스 티

Designed to meet the high electrical performance requirement of passive components in optical communication networks

The Gen II Ultra Wideband Bias Tee is designed to meet the high electrical performance requirement of Passive components in Optical Communication Networks. Given a broader bandwidth of frequency coverage up to 110 GHz with low Insertion loss and very high Return Loss, makes it ideal to use in bias Optical Modulators and Broad Band Data Drivers. It's fast Rise Time and Flat Group Delay performance allows extremely accurate measurements within a laboratory environment. The Bias Tee comes with a standard in V Connector or W1 connector and assures excellent impedance match across wide bandwidth. The W1 Bias Tee features additional options for RF input and output. W255MF has a W1(m) RF input and W1(f) output. The W255FM has a W1(f) RF input and W1(m) output. The DC Signal can be applied or extracted from the Bias Tee through the SMC Connector at the third port. As with our other Bias Tees, this Bias Tee also comes with a one year warranty.

  • 광통신 분야에 이상적
  • 매우 낮은 삽입 손실
  • 상승 시간 <5ps
  • 높은 전류량

V255 Gen II Ultra Wideband Bias Tee

 주파수 범위


삽입 손실


반사 손실


상승 시간


군 지연

 125 ± 2ps(통상)

최대 DC 전류


최대 DC 전압

10 VDC

최소 분리


작동 온도


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