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릴리스 날짜: 2013/06/20


The Spectrum Master has long been known as the industry standard for high performance spectrum analyzers, combining all of the tools required to simplify the job of monitoring over-the-air signals, finding interferers, and detecting hidden transmitters.

Why has Spectrum Master led the industry for so many years?

Beyond being lightweight, rugged and powerful…it’s everything you need and more!

  —  Broadest frequency range in a handheld spectrum analyzer – 9 kilohertz to 43 Gigahertz
  —  Fast sweep times
  —  High sensitivity with a broadband preamplifier so you can see small signals

Recent feature enhancements include:
  —  Burst detect™: enables the user to easily see narrow bursty signals
  —  Interference Mapping: find the location of interfering signals using an on-screen map and triangulation
  —  Increased resolution bandwidth range from 1 Hz to 10 MHz

Now, more than ever, Spectrum Master is the high performance spectrum analyzer of choice for measurement professionals world-wide.

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