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Bluetooth Audio Test Set MT8855A Operation Manual

This manual provides set-up and operational information on the MT8855A Bluetooth Audio Test Set and associated BlueAudio user interface software.

조작 메뉴얼 pdf 11.4 MB Version: D 2013/01/16

Rack Mount Kit Installation Guide

The Rack Mount Kit MT8852B can be ordered with rack mounting hardware that allows it to be mounted into a standard 48 cm equipment rack. P/N: 10585-00025

인스톨 가이드 pdf 1.4 MB Version: A 2012/09/19

Bluetooth Audio Test Set MT8855A PESQ Measurement Option Product Information Sheet

PESQ Measurement Option for the MT8855A

팜플렛 pdf 1.1 MB Version: A 2010/08/18

Bluetooth Audio Test Set MT8855A Technical Data Sheet

This document provides specifications for the MT8855A Bluetooth Audio Test Set and lists ordering information and option and accessory codes.

Datasheet pdf 657.3 KB Version: D 2010/08/11

BlueStart User Guide

BlueStart is a simple application designed to help familiarize developers with the use of the MT8855 class library.

유저 가이드 pdf 615.7 KB Version: B 2010/05/12

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BlueStart version for Bluetooth model MT8855A

MT8855A BlueStart Installation

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 28.68 MB Version: 2010/08/18

MT8855A Firmware version 1.30

Firmware for the MT8855A Bluetooth Tester

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 955.1 KB Version: 1.30 2010/08/18

MT8855A BlueAudio Installation

BlueAudio Installation for the Bluetooth Tester MT8855A

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 49.76 MB Version: 1.30 2010/08/18

MT8855A Sample Tone Files

Sample Tone Files for the Bluetooth tester MT8855A

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 12.8 MB 2010/03/31

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