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Precision RF & Microwave Components Catalog

Anritsu is the leader of high frequency microwave connector technology and is driven by an ongoing commitment to exceed customer needs. Anritsu created and trademarked the K Connector with coverage to 40 GHz, along with a complete family of 40 GHz test equipment. It was an immediate success and today is used on many commercial components, test fixtures, and defense systems. P/N: 11410-00235

카탈로그 pdf 13.3 MB Version: AD 2022/07/26

Antennas and Antenna Kits

This Technical data sheet includes the GPS, Yagi, Horn, Mag Mount, Wideband, Log Periodic, Whip, Bi-Blade, and Loop antennas. P/N: 11410-00376

Datasheet pdf 3.3 MB Version: V 2022/07/26

In-Building Coverage Mapper Bundle MS27101A-IBCM Quick Fact Sheet

The MS27101A-IBCM In-Building Coverage Mapper Bundle enables technicians to verify proper signal field strength across multiple frequencies in a single walk-through. P/N: 11410-01187

팜플렛 pdf 1.8 MB Version: B 2022/07/26

Vision Software MX280001A API Programming Manual

This documentation provides a description of the Anritsu’s Remote Spectrum Monitor and Vision Software API’s. It describes the graphical user interface, provides a how-to chapter to set up measurements, discusses API programing, and covers a lists of API programming commands. P/N: 10580-00435

프로그래밍 메뉴얼 pdf 3.3 MB Version: D 2022/07/19

IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Product Brochure

The MX280005A vector signal analysis (VSA) software supports all common digital wireless modulation standards. Fast and accurate measurements make it ideal for R&D as well as early rollout of digital radio equipment and components. P/N: 11410-02844

팜플렛 pdf 7.1 MB Version: C 2022/06/29

IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software User Guide

The Vector Signal Analysis software is intended for testing physical layer modulation quality of various transmission standards. P/N: 10580-00475

유저 가이드 pdf 32.4 MB Version: C 2022/06/29

IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software Help

Help is a compilation of user documentation for easier viewing and navigation. P/N: 10450-00068 | OHS | version C | 06/29/2022

online help 시스템 html 184.9 KB Version: C 2022/06/29

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA)

Time Difference of Arrival is a technique for geo-locating RF sources. It requires three or more remote receivers capable of detecting the signal of interest. P/N: 11410-01009

application note pdf 2.6 MB Version: D 2022/06/28

Vision Software MX280001A Product Brochure

Spectrum monitoring systems facilitate the identification and removal of interference signals that degrade network capacity. By monitoring spectrum on a continual basis, problem signals can be identified as they occur in real-time. Patterns of unwanted signal activity can also be examined, providing an efficient way to characterize and locate the source of the interference problem. P/N: 11410-00876

팜플렛 pdf 7.1 MB Version: K 2022/06/14

Interference Hunting: 4 Steps to Success Brochure

This solution brochure covers the four steps to success when interference hunting, as well as which Anritsu product/solution is suitable for each step in the process. P/N: 11410-00900

팜플렛 pdf 2.0 MB Version: C 2022/06/14

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A Product Brochure

The Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A is able to sweep the frequency spectrum at rates up to 24 GHz per second. This enables the user to capture intermittent or pulsed signals. Additionally, the spectrum monitor has an instantaneous FFT bandwidth of 20 MHz. P/N: 11410-00902

팜플렛 pdf 2.4 MB Version: E 2022/06/14

MS2710xA Remote Spectrum Monitors Product Information, Compliance, and Safety

This guide provides important notices, warranty, safety, and regulatory compliance information for the Anritsu MS2710xA series remote spectrum monitors. P/N: 10100-00064

Datasheet pdf 1.3 MB Version: H 2022/01/11

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2710xA User Guide

Download the complete user guide for the MS2710xA family of Remote Spectrum Monitors. Chapters include Graphical User Interface, How to, and Programming with SCPI. P/N: 10580-00419

유저 가이드 pdf 8.3 MB Version: N 2021/12/07

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A Technical Data Sheet

The MS27101A monitor provides superior sweep speeds, high dynamic range, and low spurious levels for fast and accurate measurements. Applications include monitoring for interference, white space analysis, unlicensed transmission discovery, and signal coverage. P/N: 11410-00853

Datasheet pdf 2.1 MB Version: R 2021/12/07

Remote Spectrum Monitoring System - Help

Help is a compilation of user documentation for easier viewing and navigation. P/N: 10450-00052 | OHS | version N | 12/07/2021

online help 시스템 html 184.9 KB Version: N 2021/12/07

Remote Spectrum Monitor Declaration of Conformity

The Remote Spectrum Monitor Declaration of Conformity is a special document issued by Anritsu to state that the product meets all of the applicable legislation and European directives. P/N: 10101-00041

Datasheet pdf 107.9 KB Version: B 2021/11/19

Radio Frequency Coverage Mapping Application Note

This application note explains how to build and use a radio frequency coverage mapping test system utilizing Anritsu's Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A, Vision MX280001A software, and NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A solutions. P/N: 11410-01096

application note pdf 2.8 MB Version: C 2020/12/15

In-Building Coverage Mapper Hardware Installation Quick Start Guide

The In-Building Coverage Mapper is a portable backpack-contained coverage mapping solution. This Quick Start Guide provides the hardware installation and connection information. P/N: 10580-00470

퀵 스타트 가이드 pdf 1.5 MB Version: B 2020/11/10

Network Installation and Maintenance Testing Instruments Solutions Brochure

This Solution Brochure showcases Optical Measuring Instruments, Transport and Ethernet Testing, Mobile Wiress Communication Measuring Instruments, Signal Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, VNAs, and RF Microwave products.

팜플렛 pdf 1.3 MB 2020/10/08

Validating In-Building Wireless Coverage of Public Safety, LTE, and WiFi® Networks Application Brief

This application brief will explain how to conduct radio frequency coverage mapping testing utilizing an Anritsu MS27101A-IBCM In-Building Coverage Mapping bundle made up of a Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A and NEON® Signal Mapper MA8100A solutions. P/N: 11410-01194

application note pdf 1.8 MB Version: A 2020/05/19

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Firmware Update for the Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27102A and MS27103A

Download the latest firmware for the Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor models MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27103A, and MS27103A.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 tar 55.7 MB Version: 2018.9.6 2022/08/12

Firmware Revision History for the MS2710xA

Firmware Revision History for the MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27102A, and MS27103A Spectrum Monitors.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 pdf 100.1 KB Version: 2018.9.6 2022/08/12

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2710xA FOSS Disclosures and Licenses

Disclosures for use of free and open source software.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 zip 12.1 MB 2022/08/12

Release History for the IQ Signal Master MX280005A Software

Release history for the Vector Modulation Analysis Software MX280005A.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 pdf 424.0 KB Version: V2022.6.1 2022/06/30

IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis software

The MX280005A software is designed to offer a comprehensive suite of post processing applications for all IQ files that have been captured on Anritsu MS2090A, MS27201A, and MS2710xA spectrum analyzers. Supported analysis includes IQ file playback and modulation quality measurements. In addition to analyzing the data, the file converter option enables IQ data captured on an Anritsu spectrum analyzer to be converted to the format required by an MG3710E, and then loaded into that VSG for playback.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 msi 29.7 MB Version: V2022.6.1 2022/06/30

Vision Software MX280001A

The Vision software platform works with Anritsu's spectrum monitoring hardware to automate the process of collecting measurement data, providing useful information about network health and use of the spectrum. Applications for Vision include accumulating historical spectral data to inform spectrum policy, satellite reception interference detection and monitoring for illegal use of spectrum. Once an interference signal is identified, Vision uses various algorithms to geo-locate the position of the signal of interest.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 msi 279.2 MB Version: 2021.6.1 2021/07/06

Vision Software MX280001A Release History

Release History.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 pdf 252.5 KB Version: 2021.6.1 2021/07/06

Software History for the MX280002A AeroShield Software

Software history for the AeroShield MX280002A

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 pdf 217.5 KB Version: V2020.4.1 2020/04/21

Ethernet Discovery Program

The UDP Discovery Tool is a Windows application that will display a sortable list of available Anritsu devices on a network. This tool provides the ability to find and filter devices by Hostname, Model number, Serial number, MAC address, Version number, or by IP Address. If needed, the tool also provides the ability to save the results of your search and to view a brief history of your searches for comparison.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 exe 31.8 MB Version: 2019.04.1 2019/04/30

Release History for the Ethernet Discovery Program

Release History for the Ethernet Discovery Program which works with the Remote Spectrum Monitors, and the Field Master Pro.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 pdf 109.4 KB Version: 2019.04.1 2019/04/30

Secure Mode for Spectrum Monitors

Add a password protect to your spectrum monitor, using this utility feature.

driver/소프트웨어의 다운로드 zip 4.1 MB Version: A 2018/10/09

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