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Promotion of Environmental Management

Promotion of Environmental Management

Akio Takagi  Vice President
Akio Takagi
Chief Environment and Quality Officer, and Vice President

Stakeholders including investors are increasingly interested in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) of companies and their performance in relation to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Meanwhile, companies are identifying their responses to environmental and social concerns as key management concerns.

In this context, Anritsu has been addressing the five primary themes for the second stage of its three-year plan, GLP2017 Environmental Initiative, toward realizing the 2020 VISION. For one priority theme, “Provide information that meets stakeholder expectations,” we focused on improving the content of our Sustainability Reports and Anritsu Integrated Reporting. In February 2017, the content of these reports was recognized as exemplary by winning the excellence award for environmental reporting at the 20th Environmental Communication Award, hosted by the Ministry of the Environment. We also ensured full compliance with the RoHS Directive in our mainstay measuring instruments and industrial equipment products by the July 2017 deadline, which was one of our major compliance issues as well as our fourth priority theme, and we also established the related management system. Furthermore, upon the revision of ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems, we reviewed our own system and determined it coheres more with business activities, and we began operating the revised system in January 2017. We believe that leadership by top management is indispensable for effectively implementing our management system, and under the strong leadership of our management, we will make sure that it is continuously improved.

In fiscal 2017, we will endeavor to enhance our environmental management by formulating the GLP2017 Environmental Initiative plan for the final three years to ensure that we achieve the 2020 VISION and grasp its long-term prospects toward contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

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Eco Management, Eco Mind

Sustainability Report Eco-Management, Eco-Mind (PDF)

  • Environmental Principle
  • Action Guidelines
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Audit
  • Compliance Status
  • Efforts to Preserve Biodiversity
  • Environmental Education for Employees
  • Eco-Mind Survey of Employees
  • Environmental Communication

Sustainability Report History of Anritsu's Environmental Activities (PDF)

  • History of Anritsu's Environmental Activities
Eco Office, Eco Factory

Sustainability Report Eco Office, Eco Factory (PDF)

  • Energy Conservation Activity
  • Water Resources
  • Groundwater Management
  • Wastewater
  • Prevention of Air Pollution
  • Noise
  • Chemical Substances Management
  • Waste Reduction
  • Environmental Considerations in Packaging
  • Recycling Center

Sustainability Report Group Environmental Impact Data (PDF)

  • Anritsu Group Environmental Impact Data
Eco Products Development

Sustainability Report Eco Products (PDF)

  • Eco Products Development
  • Complying with Product Environmental Regulations
  • Global Product Assessment
  • Environmentally Friendly Product Program
  • Excellent Eco-Products Recognized in Fiscal 2016
  • Promotion of Supply Chain Management
  • Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products

Excellent Eco Product

Anritsu's statement with regard to WEEE, RoHS and REACH

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