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Signal Integrity

See the signal integrity of your design come through.

VectorStar™ now with DifferentialView™

Today's signal integrity engineers are challenged to meet high data rates, minimize costs, and close the loop of simulation and measurement. VectorStar MS4640B's industry-leading, low-frequency measurement capability as low as 70 kHz, coupled with upper range as high as 70 or 110 GHz, ensure that simulation-busting DC extrapolation and causality issues are minimized and your simulations match reality.

DifferentialView adds true-mode-stimulus (TMS) capability when you need it with non-linear devices. High-accuracy time domain and wide dynamic range frequency domain measurements make VectorStar an ideal tool for signal integrity designers. VectorStar offers up to 12-port solutions for transmission, reflection, near end crosstalk (NEXT) and far end crosstalk (FEXT) measurements on high-speed balanced transmission lines and connectors. Best of all, VectorStar MS4640B is fully upgradable so you can spec the features you need today and add new ones as needed in the future without fear of obsolescence or learning a new test system.

on-wafer module

Get the true view with our complimentary white paper:
Overcoming High-Speed Interconnect Challenges


VectorStar MS4640B Features for Signal Integrity Include:

  • Broadest frequency span 70 kHz to
    20/40/50/70/110 GHz:
    Obtains the most thorough and accurate measurements

  • Best time domain analysis:
    Provides the best combination of accurate and hi-resolution low-pass time domain results

  • Best modeling data:
    70 kHz start frequency reduces the risk of DC extrapolation errors in your modeling

  • New calibration and de-embedding techniques:
    Improves the ability to locate discontinuities, impedance changes, and crosstalk issues

  • Upgradeable in frequency range, port count, and option additions

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