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VectorStar™ now with PulseView™

Bring your vision into resolution with VectorStar MS4640B

Anritsu's newest VectorStar VNA gives you the tools to confidently characterize radar components and subsystems. With industry-leading performance, it can eliminate trade-offs and limitations of prior test methods. Higher resolution, greater timing accuracy, and longer record lengths—coupled with a graphical set-up display—bring your vision into resolution.

VectorStar MS4640B, with options 035 and 042 (PulseView), offers the most advanced architecture available in a VNA for radar pulse measurements. Meet today's demanding radar pulse measurement requirements with pulse profile, point-in-pulse, and pulse-to-pulse measurements, thanks to PulseView with its industry-leading 2.5 ns VNA pulse measurement resolution. In addition, real-time set-up/display capability offers confidence that both set-up conditions and measurement results are consistent.


Radar Chart   Radar Pulseview


Get the true view with our complimentary white paper:
VNA's High-Speed Architecture Advances Radar Pulse Measurement Timing
  Resolution and Accuracy



VectorStar MS4640B Features for Radar:

  • Innovative high-speed digitizer architecture:
    Enables unprecedented pulse measurement performance (greater than 200 MHz digital IF bandwidth)

  • Industry's highest resolution pulse measurement:
    Provides superior performance, executing highly accurate measurements on the most demanding radar applications

  • Long record length: Produces measurement of low repetition rate pulses without sacrificing resolution — 0.5 seconds at full resolution

  • Graphical set-up display: Get instant visual confirmation of initial measurement set-up

  • Instant results on measurement parameter change:
    Modify pulse measurement set-up parameters and see the measured results instantly

  • Four Independent Measurement Windows/Receivers:
    Improves your calibration by adjusting independent receivers to account for any path delays / system timing issues