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Active and Passive Components

Confidence in measurement leads to confidence in component design.

VectorStar™ for active and passive component applications — VectorStar MS4640B gives you the measurement capabilities you need to develop superior active and passive components.

With the best VNA performance across the widest frequency bandwidth, and the best dynamic range below 2 GHz, the Anritsu VectorStar MS4640B Series helps R&D and production test engineers make better measurements faster and accelerate the design cycle. VectorStar provides full measurement capabilities across RF, microwave, millimeter and Terahertz regions for components, plus the ability to accurately analyze amplifiers over the entire range of measurements—including pulsed I/V, noise figure and differential signal stimulation.

The optional 70 kHz start frequency provides accurate modeling and time domain readings, while precision AutoCal minimizes uncertainty to maximize measurement confidence. DifferentialView™ provides TMS capability to 110 GHz and VectorStar features noise figure measurement leadership to 125 GHz. Best of all, you can easily upgrade VectorStar MS4640B in frequency range, port count and option additions so your investment stays intact year after year.

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Get the true view with our complimentary white paper:
Noise Figure Measurements


VectorStar MS4640B Features for Components Include:

  • Highest measurement performance over broadest frequency span:
    Cover 70 kHz to 20/40/50/70/110 GHz with one system and eliminate uncertainties due to concatenation of low and high frequency data

  • Best Time Domain analysis with hybrid bridge-coupler VNA architecture:
    Minimize DC extrapolation errors in the time domain by the use of a bridge structure below 2.5 GHz to ensure high-quality, low-frequency S-parameter data capture down to 70 kHz

  • Precision AutoCal:
    Increase measurement confidence on cutting-edge designs without time-consuming sliding load calibrations

  • PulseView™:
    Uncover causes of pulse distortion problems with 2.5-ns resolution using PulseView and VectorStar's IF Digitizer option

  • DifferentialView™:
    Discover the performance of your differential amplifier

  • Noise figure measurement:
    Measure noise figure to 125 GHz with VectorStar's unique capability

  • Complete upgradability within family:
    Meet budget targets and protect your investment by buying only what is needed now and upgrading later.

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