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Various Measurement Functions

Wide Operation Frequency Range


Wide Operation Frequency Range

The BERT function supports bit rate from 125 Mbit/s to 12.5 Gbit/s (with Option 090) for evaluating devices and application supporting 100BASE-FX, GE-PON, CPRI, 10GFC, OTU2 and etc.


Signal Integrity Analysis
The Eye/Pulse Scope supporting DC to 25 GHz offers signal integrity analysis using a variety of applications.

■Time and Amplifier Tests

Signal Integrity Analysis

These tests supports measurement of 0 and 1 levels, SNR, Eye crosspoint ratio, Eye amplification, Eye height, Eye width, jitter p-p values, jitter RMS, extinction ratio, rise and fall times, duty cycle distortion, and average power. In addition, the high-accuracy extinction ratio measurements close to ideal values are perfect for confirming the characteristics of optical modules.




Measuring averages, standard deviation and scatter of data in a specified area supports waveform data component analysis and troubleshooting.

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