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LAN, WAN, and ATM Network Monitoring System


This product line and all activity related has been sold to: - Fred Bennett/ZettaView Systems, Inc. 4115 N. Progress Drive, Ottawa, IL 61350 - Phone: 815-434-6000

Intelligent network monitoring system for critical areas of service provider and enterprise networks, including IP-based services and applications.

ZettaE2E is an intelligent network monitoring system for managing critical areas of LAN, WAN, and ATM networks. It provides detailed real-time and historical network traffic information that enables a clear view of how network bandwidth is being utilized and by whom. ZettaE2E troubleshoots and pinpoints Quality of Service (QoS) issues; reduces current and future LAN, WAN, and ATM network costs; and postpones or eliminates network infrastructure upgrades by maximizing existing network bandwidth and infrastructure.

ZettaE2E is a non-intrusive intelligent network monitoring system for LAN, WAN, and ATM networks based on a highly scalable and distributed architecture. The system enables the network manager to proactively monitor the network rather than reactively troubleshoot it. The system is a combination of software and intelligent probes that are placed on strategic links throughout the network to monitor critical applications.

ZettaE2E’s distributed architecture is the key to its operation. It enables the collection of data in unsurpassed 10-second increments on a 24/7 basis. This granularity allows network professionals to have a clear picture of the network both in real-time and via 2 years of historical trend data, allowing problems to be solved before they become critical and providing the basis for appropriate capacity planning. The distributed architecture provides for easy installation:  time and money is saved because no configuration of the probes is needed. Auto detection of Ports, Protocols, Applications, IP Pairs, VP/VCs, and Users also enables network professionals to quickly and easily assess situations so corrective actions can be taken before problems become critical.

Intelligent Probes - The core of the ZettaE2E system is comprised of multiple intelligent probes that perform network data collection, interpretation, and processing. Probes are placed at selected access points on Wide Area Networks (WAN probes), on strategic Local Area Network segments (LAN probes), or on ATM links (ATM probes). The system is independent from any vendor, customer, or network operating system (OSS). The probes collect the network data directly from the physical lines, not from the routers and switches. Probes can be accessed by multiple users and can be remotely upgraded from any PC.

  • Detailed visibility from 10 seconds to 2 years
  • Scalability via a distributed, non-intrusive client and probe architecture
  • “Plug & Play” pre-configured system for easy installation and daily operation
  • Solutions available for ATM, WAN and LAN include OC-12, OC-3, DS3/ATM and E3/ATM, T1, T2/PRI, E1, HSSI, DS3/WAN, E3/WAN, Serial link, 10/100 Mb Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Auto-discovery of protocols, IP pairs, IP conversation pairs, HTTP transfers, FTP transfers, email transfers, VLANs, DLCIs, and IP applications
  • Built in Alarm Manager automatically sends alarms to a workstation, email address, or pager
  • Reporting Features:
    • Over 300 pre-defined reports
    • Scheduled web posting
    • Custom reporting
  • Remotely upgradeable

System Components

The ZettaE2E system includes the following components:

  • ZettaE2E Network Manager
  • Alarm Manager
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Statistics Report Generator
  • Report Scheduler
  • FastExpert

The ZettaE2E Network Manager is the heart of the ZettaE2E system. It enables real-time remote network monitoring and analysis. Through the ZettaE2E Network Manger, the auto-detection of ports, protocols, applications, IP addresses, and users takes place. It communicates with the probes via UDP and FTP, pulling only relevant and consolidated data for viewing or Web publishing. The ZettaE2E Network Manager is comprised of a Channel Explorer, IP Explorer, and Protocol Explorer.

The Alarm Manager automatically sends real-time alarms from each probe when a pre-defined threshold has been met. All alarms are saved in a log file for further review and observation of trends.

The Protocol Analyzer can perform both real-time and post-analysis decodes throughout the 7 layers of the network for over 300 protocols. Real-time filtering and triggering and a conversion utility to Sniffer™ format are also available.

The Statistics Report Generator provides immediate reporting capabilities and allows web editing of reports with active histograms and graphics.

The Report Scheduler provides over 300 pre-defined reports and the ability to customize reports to specifically meet users' needs. Reports can be scheduled for routine delivery or be obtained on an ad hoc basis. Reports may be automatically posted to a web server or sent to a printer, email address, or intranet server.

ZettaE2E’s FastExpert automatically generates reports based on data trends identified on each probe. It looks for periods of poor network performance and then correlates additional statistics to identify the root cause of the problem.