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Probing and Troubleshooting for Hybrid Networks
Anritsu’s comprehensive probing and troubleshooting solution is massively scalable and cost-effective for legacy and next-generation networks. It provides end-to-end insight into customer experience and network traffic with KPIs, detailed call-flow troubleshooting, real-time dashboards, and next-generation big data analytics and reporting. It assures 5G networks, virtualized and cloud-enabled, seamlessly alongside 2G to 4G networks. It feeds Anritsu’s smart applications which augment network data using predictive and prescriptive algorithms for smarter business and operational decisions.
Smarter Operations Using Automation
eoMind uses streaming analytics to detect subscriber-affecting issues. Using patent-pending machine learning, eoMind automatically detects anomalies in behavior for subscribers, isolates the root cause and then closes the loop using intelligent automation with a customizable suite of next best actions. It does it faster than traditional tooling, with high accuracy and reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR). With cases closed faster, fewer subscribers are impacted further reducing support costs.
Customer Analytics
Networks generate huge data volumes with billions of records and petabytes of data. Within the data is the story of how each customer experienced their services. eoSight is a scalable, cost-effective, big data solution with a multidimensional and smart view of customers, networks, devices, and applications. Using in-memory analytics, it meets operational and business needs quickly and uses predictive analytics to analyze trends and make predictions.
Probing on Virtual Networks
Anritsu’s Service Assurance is NFV ready, using our reliable, field-tested, and scalable vProbe. It works seamlessly with existing probing and troubleshooting applications. Anritsu helps service providers manage this new complex environment with correlated, end-to-end, customer experience and network traffic insights. Reduce uncertainty and risk on the move to virtualization with a single, simplified and effective way to probe, monitor and troubleshoot hybrid and NFV networks.
eoLive Performance Analytics
Across all technologies, success depends on the ability to deliver superb customer experience and services to a diverse customer base with differing needs. eoLive improves service availability and perceived quality improving the customer experience of services delivered be it for a subscriber, a VIP, a Corporate or M2M/IoT devices. It provides insight into experience for all services in real-time dashboards with drilldowns to the ladder diagrams and trace for detailed troubleshooting.

Automated Assurance and Augmented Analytics

Anritsu’s automated assurance solutions help CSPs manage and assure subscribers and services across complex networks with full end-to-end visibility of experience leading to reductions in the costs for operations and significant improvements in customer experience.

To achieve this, data is captured in real-time from probing, pushed to mediation for conditioning, and served to our service assurance and troubleshooting applications. Our probing solutions, which are both physical and virtualized, derive detailed insights at a subscriber, device, service, and network-level from underlying 2G to 5G networks.

With a full-network view and using tried-and-tested workflows, we reduce troubleshooting complexity and costs for all networks and help build a more business-focused approach to managing the network and subscribers’ experience. Drilldown to ladder diagrams and traces give the deepest level of insight into customer issues.


Learn more about today's big data revolution and our solutions to help you meet the challenge.


Virtual probing will be required on the move to virtualized networks. For most operators, a hybrid physical/virtual network will is needed first. Some greenfield operators will go fully virtualized from the start. Huge savings on capex and opex are promised with this generational leap in technology.

To manage and assure virtual networks using Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) requires a virtual assurance solution. Our vProbe is NFV ready, reliable, field-tested, and scalable. Supporting hybrid networks it works seamlessly alongside existing probing and troubleshooting.

Anritsu is helping service providers manage this complex hybrid environment with correlated, end-to-end, customer experience and network traffic insights with augmented analytics to close the loop on next-generation networks.

eoSight Customer Analytics

Learn more about today's big data revolution and our solutions to help you meet the challenge.


Learn more about today's big data revolution and our solutions to help you meet the challenge.

Automated Assurance

Learn more about today's big data revolution and our solutions to help you meet the challenge.

Consulting Services

Anritsu’s Business Value Services (BVS) is expanding to meet the ever increasing demands on operators today. Increasing network complexity means that new solutions using automation and analytics are required. Our consultancy services include deriving valuable and actionable insights from analytics, improving processes with automation and optimizing the network with network audits. Our service portfolio helps maximize your return on investment in Anritsu standard products with the fastest time-to-value helping drive processes and business decisions.

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