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eoMind Streaming Analytics

Delivering Real-time Insight


The Automation of Insight

One of the largest challenges in telecoms today is making sense of the huge amounts of data available to management, operations, marketing, engineering and customer care in order to understand the subscribers’ Quality of Experience (QoE). There is simply too much data making it almost impossible to actually identify the issues in a short period of time.

Big data in telecoms is characterized by the large volumes of data (often many billions of event records per day are generated) and the many varieties of that data (the different interfaces, network and application technologies that are monitored). The data can be extracted from network elements, probes, sensors, log files and even from social networks.

For a variety of reasons - mostly a lack of time and resources - this priceless data is often left lying dormant; opportunities for improved service, cost, and customer retention are lost. Allowing this data to sit idle is clearly not an effective use of a CSP’s information asset. Identifying the insights inside the data streams is therefore key to identifying issues that affect your customers and also to respond to threats and opportunities for service delivery.

A continuous process of extraction of information is required to maximize the investment in data sources that CSPs have already made.

Key Target Users

  • Network Operators who need to analyzes huge amount of data coming from their network
  • Operational executives who would benefit from key insights that impact the performance of the network and subscriber experiences
  • Tactical officers who need to identify the issue and possible causes without specialist involvement
  • Financial executives needing analysis in real time -- leveraging a streaming analytics technique that give results in seconds
  • Typical roles interested in these benefits include CIO – Chief Information Officer, CTO – Chief Technology Officer, COO – Chief Operating Officer, VP Engineering, VP Customer Experience, VP Operations
Key Benefits

eoMind Benefits

  • Reduce costs and improve perceived quality by prioritizing highest impacting issues
  • Monetize your data lake by exploiting it to improve quality and experience
  • Focus organizations on customers by changing focus from network, service to customers
  • Increase organizational efficiency by freeing up high value resources on resolving, not finding problems – reducing MTTR
Key Features

eoMind Features

  • Lightweight streaming analytics platform that is data agnostic
  • Incorporates advanced algorithms that identify patterns and individuals impacted
  • Social-media type GUI without charts but shows problems when there is one
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