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Field Master Pro MS2090A Product Brochure

The Field Master Pro MS2090A device delivers the highest levels of RF performance available in a handheld, touchscreen spectrum analyzer. P/N: 11410-01103

製品カタログ pdf 13.3 MB Version: M 2020/11/11

Resolving Interference Issues at Satellite Ground Stations Application Note

With RF interference representing the single largest impact to satellite operation performance and resulting in significant costs for the satellite operator. Anritsu provides a comprehensive solution for interference problems in a satellite network. We also have the ability to monitor spectrum, detect interference, set alarms, troubleshoot signal problems, spectrum clearing, and pinpointing the position of an interference source. P/N: 11410-01198

アプリケーションノート pdf 4.4 MB Version: A 2020/09/29

干渉波の探索 高性能ハンドヘルド スペアナ フィールドマスタ プロ MS2090A

フィールドマスタ プロMS2090A ハンドヘルド スペアナは、110MHz 帯域幅のRTSA、IQ データキャプチャ、オーディオトーンが干渉波の特性および、干渉源を位置特定します。

リーフレット pdf 1.4 MB 2020/07/15


干渉波探索を自動化したシステムが、アンリツのモバイル・インターフェアレンス・ハンター™ MX280007Aです。車両での干渉波探索では、干渉源の方向をマップと音声ガイドで知らせます。

アプリケーションノート pdf 1.9 MB 2020/07/15

フィールドマスタ プロ MS2090A 個別カタログ

アンリツ(株)の高性能ハンドヘルドスペクトラムアナライザ MS2090A フィールドマスタ プロのカタログです。リアルタイムスペクトラムアナライザや5G解析など先進の機能をご紹介します。

製品カタログ pdf 3.6 MB 2020/07/15

Creating an Off-Line Map for Use with Vision Software, AeroShield Software, and the Mobile InterferenceHunter Application Note

The purpose of this application note is to detail the procedure for creating off-line maps. While there are several open source options for tile map construction, this application note will be using Map Puzzle to detail the method for incorporating these maps into the Anritsu software application. P/N: 11410-01132

アプリケーションノート pdf 901.1 KB Version: A 2020/04/28

Mobile Interference Hunting System MX280007A Product Brochure

The Anritsu mobile interference hunting system automates the interference hunting process. Multiple measurements are automatically taken and processed using the MX280007A software. Using mapping software resident on a Windows laptop/tablet, an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer and an omnidirectional antenna, directions and voice prompts are provided in this system to guide the driver to the source of interference. P/N: 11410-00823

製品カタログ pdf 5.1 MB Version: L 2020/03/10

Mobile InterferenceHunter Online Help System

This helpset details the initial setup of the hardware, software, and interfaces to the instrument and its RF connections. Display Layout describes the software user interface and features. How To describes how to perform specific tasks within the Mobile InterferenceHunter software. P/N: 10450-00045

オンラインヘルプシステム htm 185.0 KB Version: D 2020/01/14

Mobile InterferenceHunter User Guide

Mobile InterferenceHunter is a drive tool for locating RF interference sources. Mobile InterferenceHunter is a Microsoft Windows application. It runs on a laptop or tablet computer and can connect to Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzers through an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi via a travel router. The system displays multiple indicators of power levels which aid in determining the location of the interfering signal source. P/N: 10580-00416

ユーザーガイド pdf 10.3 MB Version: F 2020/01/14

Spectrum Clearing and Geo-Locating Legacy Signals

To meet demand for additional bandwidth for cellular and broadcast operations, national regulators are reallocating spectrum previously used for other applications. Before a new network can be rolled out within these frequencies, it is critical for the new license owner to confirm that all legacy users have terminated their transmissions. P/N: 11410-01154

アプリケーションノート pdf 4.2 MB Version: A 2019/10/15

Installation, Maintenance and Optimization Solutions Leaflet

A small 2 page flyer to showcase the right tools needed to achieve best in class network reliability. P/N: 11410-00855

リーフレット pdf 1.7 MB Version: F 2019/07/29

Installation, Maintenance and Optimization Solutions Brochure

Discover Anritsu's best-in-class tools which will help your technicians and engineers optimize all areas of your network and elevate your network reliability to best-in-class. P/N: 11410-00617

製品カタログ pdf 1.6 MB Version: F 2019/07/16

Interference Hunting: 4 Steps to Success Brochure

This solution brochure covers the four steps to success when interference hunting, as well as which Anritsu product/solution is suitable for each step in the process. P/N: 11410-00900

製品カタログ pdf 2.5 MB Version: B 2018/02/22

Wireless Travel Router 2000-1752-R Installation Guide

This guide provides general information, configuration and operation instructions for the 2000-1752-R wireless travel router. P/N: 10580-00432

インストールガイド pdf 1.2 MB Version: D 2017/09/25

RF Interference Hunting Concepts Application Note

The first indicators of interference are noisy links, for analog systems. Legacy AM and FM systems indicate interference problems by various noises. Hiss, hum, or even voices from other transmissions can be heard. For digital transmissions, such as HDTV, cellular, or P25, interference shows up as limited range, dropped calls, or low data rate. That familiar waterfall sound on your cellular phone indicates poor reception and a high bit error rate, which might be caused by interference. P/N: 11410-00972

アプリケーションノート pdf 3.3 MB Version: A 2016/09/27

Interference Hunting Poster

With the rapid expansion of wireless communications, the need for robust networks relatively free of interference continues to grow. Capacity is degraded by the presence of illegal or unlicensed signals that interfere with legitimate transmissions. These signals can be periodic or be present at different frequencies over time, making the discovery and removal of these sources of interference a significant challenge. P/N: 11410-00938

製品カタログ pdf 28.5 MB Version: A 2016/06/10

Identifying and Locating Cable TV Interference

A Primer for Public Safety Engineers and Cellular Operators. This application note outlines how to spot and fix interference that radiates from Cable TV systems. P/N: 11410-00907

アプリケーションノート pdf 3.7 MB Version: B 2016/01/20

Spectrum Monitoring Techniques

Spectrum monitoring has long been an established tool for spectrum management. The move to digital modulations and the drive to an “always connected” society have made the need for spectrum monitoring even more important. Monitoring can help resolve issues in the areas of interference, capacity, and reliability, and help regulate unlicensed use of the spectrum. A well thought out spectrum monitoring tool, such as an Anritsu spectrum analyzer, is essential for this task. With a variety of sweep modes, Burst Detect, essential warning messages, task automation, and full remote control over Ethernet, Anritsu spectrum analyzers are well suited to this task. Anritsu is prepared to assist you with your spectrum monitoring tasks and needs.

アプリケーションノート pdf 6.1 MB Version: A 2015/03/19


Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A Software

This stand-alone installer will install InterferenceHunter on your Windows tablet or laptop. If your system does not have NI-VISA Runtime, NI-VISA Runtime will also need to be installed. NI-Visa Runtime is required to operate the MX280007A Software.

If you are upgrading your system with a new version of the MX280007A Software, the previous copy will be overwritten by the latest revision. License files and any maps previously downloaded will not be affected.

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード msi 197.7 MB Version: 2020.1.1 2020/01/28

Mobile InterferenceHunter Software MX280007A Release History

This release history document provides the updates and enhancements in each version release of the Mobile InterferenceHunter Software MX280007A.

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード pdf 185.4 KB Version: 2020.1.1 2020/01/28


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