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Technical Note - The Basis of Spectrum Analyzers

Technical Note associated with MS266x, MS268x Series, MS8608A/09A, MS2781A and MS2721A.

テクニカルノート pdf 690.6 KB 2016/12/20

RF & Microwave Reference Chart

This RF & Microwave Reference Chart provides content on Band Designation, RF Measurements, S Parameters, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Atmospheric Absorption, RF Connectors, Power to Voltage Conversions, Amplitude Modulation, Pulse Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Waveguide Designation, and Adaptor Error Uncertainties.

手順シート pdf 6.5 MB Version: A 2016/05/10

Signature MS278xA Operation Manual

This manual provides general information, installation, and operating information for the model MS278XA High Performance Spectrum/Vector Signal Analyzer (SPA/VSA), Signature™.

取扱説明書 pdf 8.5 MB Version: C 2006/04/14

Signature MS2781A Programming Manual

This manual provides programming information and data for all models of the Series MS278XA signal analyzer.

プログラミングマニュアル pdf 3.3 MB Version: C 2006/04/09

Signature MS278xA Maintenance Manual

This manual provides general calibration and maintenance information for the model MS278XA High Performance Spectrum/Vector Signal Analyzer (SPA/VSA), Signature.

保守マニュアル pdf 2.6 MB Version: A 2005/12/19

Custom Measurements and Analysis Using MATLAB Technical Note

This technical note describes how to seamlessly connect Signature with MATLAB and Simulink, and uses a number of examples to illustrate the power of this combination.

テクニカルノート pdf 1.6 MB Version: B 2005/09/21

Smart Signal Analyzer Decodes 100 Hz to 8 GHz

Microwaves RF Magazine article - May 2004 front cover, featured product.

記事 pdf 202.1 KB Version: N/A 2004/05/21