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新スプリアス特性試験 (F3E等)

平成17年12月1日、ITU(国際電気通信連合)が定める無線通信規則(RR)に基づき、電波法施行規則・特定無線設備の技術基準適合証明に関する規則が改定され、国際法と国内法の整合化が図られました。 このアプリケーションノートはこの改定で新たに制定された帯域外領域のスプリアス発射強度の測定を中心に、この改定でより厳しい許容値が設定されることになったF3E(アナログFM方式)をはじめとする狭帯域通信について、その測定方法と測定器を選定する上で必要となる性能について記載しています。

アプリケーションノート pdf 1.0 MB 2010/12/13

MS271xB Economy Spectrum Analyzer Online Helpset

This Online Help System provides information about the operation, programming and use of the Anritsu MS2717B, MS2718B and MS2719B Economy Spectrum Analyzers.

オンラインヘルプシステム htm 1.0 KB Version: B 2010/06/28

Economy Spectrum Analyzer MS2717B Maintenance Manual

This manual provides general service and preventative maintenance information for the Anritsu MS2717B Economy Spectrum Analyzer. Performance verification procedures, parts replacement procedures, and a replaceable parts list are provided.

保守マニュアル pdf 4.0 MB Version: B 2010/03/09

Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers MS271xB Technical Data Sheet

The Anritsu MS271xB Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Family (MS2717B, MS2718B, and MS2719B) delivers affordable spectrum analysis with exceptional performance, advanced capabilities, and modern W-CDMA and WiMAX.

データシート pdf 2.2 MB Version: F 2009/04/26

Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers MS271xB User Guide

User Guide for Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers MS2717B, MS2718B, and MS2719B.

ユーザーガイド pdf 11.9 MB Version: D 2008/10/26

Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers MS271xB Programming Manual

Programming Manual for Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers MS2717B, MS2718B, and MS2719B.

プログラミングマニュアル pdf 2.2 MB Version: E 2008/08/20

Phase Noise Measurement Software 2300-517 User Guide

This software user guide provides general operating information for the PN 2300-517 Phase Noise Measurement Software. The Phase Noise Measurement Software provides measurement displays of Single-Sideband Noise versus Frequency Offset, using a logarithmic frequency axis.

ユーザーガイド pdf 2.3 MB Version: A 2008/07/15

Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers MS271xB Product Brochure

Manufacturing and design engineers face extraordinary pressure to ship lower cost RF and microwave components. Anritsu's new MS271xB Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers offer superior performance and advanced capabilities. Covering the 9 kHz to 7.1, 13 and 20 GHz ranges, the MS271xB family easily handles most RF and microwave spectrum analyzer needs.

製品カタログ pdf 2.18 MB Version: C 2008/06/28


Updating Anritsu Handheld Instrument Firmware

This document provides an overview of the firmware update process. For further details, please refer to the user guide for your Anritsu handheld instrument.

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード pdf 344.1 KB 2015/10/30

Firmware Update for the Economy Bench Instrument MS2717B

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions. If your current instrument firmware is older than v4.00, please update firmware using Anritsu's Master Software Tools instead of this download. If your current instrument firmware is v4.00 or higher, this download is appropriate. Release History

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード exe 14.8 MB Version: v4.04 2011/10/26