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Duration: 00:01:24
Release Date: 1/29/2021

Multi-Dimensional Assurance Solution

MasterClaw gives you the competitive advantage with work-flow optimization, seamlessly covering Radio Access Management, Customer Experience Management, Business/Marketing planning, and Troubleshooting across GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.

Subscribers today move between LTE and legacy 2G/3G technologies seamlessly and frequently. Add femto cells and Wi-Fi to the mix, and things get even more challenging. Their handset selects the best radio technology based on signal strength, user preferences and service availability. Even within one technology, for example UMTS, several networks need to work in harmony to establish a service. The MasterClaw system now enables you to manage all your Voice/Data/SMS services from Radio to Core, including IMS for fixed/mobile convergence, and management of Roaming Partners and Interconnect routes. With MasterClaw’s end to end coverage, never again will you need to know the cause of a problem before you start the troubleshooting process to fix it.