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Duration: 00:03:40
Release Date: 1/29/2021

Anritsu eoSight - Telco data assurance using Qosmos ixEngine

Anritsu is using Qosmos ixEngine to analyse and classify IP traffic to develop new applications relevant to the telco operators. Qosmos ixEngine is providing IP traffic type information and based on those information, Anritsu tools are delivering valuable insights for telco operators, which lead to greater operational efficiency and better network planning activities. One such example of this insight is the Homebox Turbo traffic analysis, which identifies the Top 10 Apps in an operator’s network, based on either by the volume of traffic consumed by the apps or by the number of subscribers that are using those apps. The same analysis is also available to be displayed on a geographical map. Another such analysis is the Top Homebox Turbo users which identifies the Top 10 users per each identified app (such as Youtube, Facebook, Skype etc) either on the basis of Download speed or on the basis of total volume of consumed traffic.