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W-CDMA, HSDPA and LTE RF Measurements

W-CDMA, HSDPA & LTE RF Measurements Training Course is a two-day instructor led training course focusing on measurements critical to maintaining modern cellular base stations.

Price: $1,465 per student

Download the "W-CDMA, HSDPA and LTE RF Measurements" Course Brochure 

Private, on-site classes in the U.S. start at $11,720 for up to 8 students.

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Who Should Attend
  • Cell Technicians
  • System Performance Engineers/Field Engineers
  • Base Station OEMs
  • On-site Managers
  • BTS Installers
How You Will Benefit

Students will learn the fundamentals of the following measurements:

  • The essential W-CDMA Node B measurements including channel and code domain power, EVM, Noise floor, Peak Code Domain error, ACLR and frequency error
  • The essential LTE eNode B measurements including Resource Block utilization, Spectral Emission Masks, EVM, Control Channel Power, Occupied Bandwidth, Signal to Noise Ratio of co-channel LTE signals, Constellations and frequency error
  • How to make Over the Air (OTA) measurements such as Dominance, EVM, and Code/Control Channel Power
  • Basics of Line Sweeping
  • Line Sweep Measurements, including Distance to Fault
  • Spectrum Analyzer Measurements, including Power Density, Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power, ACPR and Noise Floor
  • Interference Analysis Tools: Spectrogram, Signal Strength, RSSI, and applications to Direction Finding and Interference Hunting
  • Power Meter
  • Two-Port Measurements of TMA Gain, Antenna Isolation and RX Diversity Balance
  • Channel Scanner Measurements
  • How to use Master Software Tools to download, save, and edit your important measurements as well as remote operation of the BTS Master
What You Will Cover
  • Lecture 1: Introduction
  • Lecture 2: Cable Analyzer (Line Sweep and 2 Port Measurements)
  • Lecture 3: Spectrum Analysis Lab 1: Spectrum Analyzer Familiarization, Functions, Settings, Advanced Measurements (Occupied Bandwidth, Resolution Bandwidth, Channel Power, ACPR, and FM Demodulation)
  • Lecture 4: Power Measurements
  • Lecture 5: Interference Analyzer (Spectrogram, Signal Strength, RSSI) (includes labs during lecture)
  • Lecture 6: Channel Scanner Option (includes labs during lecture)
  • Lecture 7: GPS Option
  • Lecture 8: W-CDMA Theory and Measurements (includes labs during lecture)
  • Lecture 9: HSDPA Theory and Measurements (includes labs during lecture)
  • Lecture 10: LTE Theory and Measurements (includes labs during lecture)
Why Anritsu Training?

Hands-on: Learn by doing! Learn the theory and perform the measurements. A significant portion of the course contains lab exercises with simulated signals and conditions measured with the MT8222A BTS Master.

Cost Savings: Eliminate or significantly reduce your travel expenses because training sessions are offered at a location near you (or even at your location). 

Schedule: Training sessions can be easily scheduled months in advance. Get specific details regarding class locations, information on discounts, or having a dedicated training session at your company site by contacting us directly at at Or, register for a class online.

Additional Information

Download the "W-CDMA, HSDPA and LTE RF Measurements" Course Brochure

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