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External PIM Hunting Certification

PIM Hunting Certification

Anritsu has always been at the forefront of Passive Intermodulation testing and developed a patented technology that pinpoints PIM faults called Distance-to-PIM™ (DTP). DTP shows the location for PIM problems within the antenna system as well as distance to external PIM sources outside the antenna system.

This was an incredible step forward in improving the quality of information received from the on-site PIM test. But one problem still remained for pinpointing external PIM beyond the antenna. DTP could tell you how far away from the antenna the PIM source was located but not the angle. If the antenna had a 120 degree beam width, the PIM could be located anywhere along the 120 degree arc at the distance measured by DTP.

NOW, with the use of the use of a PIM Master, Spectrum Master and the PIM Hunter™ Test Probe (a patent-pending technology) there is a reliable testing process that allows a technician to precisely pinpoint the location of external PIM beyond the antenna to within a few centimeters!

Course Description:
External PIM Hunting Certification is an intense, 1-day instructor led training course that teaches wireless professionals how to precisely locate and mitigate external PIM at cell sites. The course uses a combination of theory and practical, hands-on exercises to build confidence in real world simulations. See course details below for complete course agenda.

Price: $1,395 per student for the Anritsu public classes shown below.
Private sessions are also available in the United States for groups of 8 students. Please email us-training(ATMARK)


Traditional PIM Master Certified training or solid field experience operating a PIM Master.

It is highly recommended that students attend and pass PIM Master Certification before attempting to complete External PIM Hunting certification. Both these courses are often offered together in consecutive days at various locations throughout the United States.

You can also prepare for instructor-led courses with our free PIM Master eLearning course below:

PIM Master eLearning

Who Should Attend
  • Wireless operators
  • Installation contractors
  • Troubleshooting experts
  • Site maintenance engineers
  • RF optimization engineers
  • Field technicians
  • Installers
What You Will Learn
  • What is external PIM?
  • How to verify that PIM is external (and not in the feed system)
    • Rooftop sites
    • Tower sites
    • In-building systems
  • What are common sources of external PIM?
  • How to precisely locate external PIM sources
  • What equipment is required
  • How to set-up and properly operate test equipment
  • Practical tips and techniques to help guarantee success
  • Safety requirements
  • PIM survey documentation requirements
  • How to mitigate common sources of external PIM
Why Anritsu Training?

Hands-on: Learn by doing the task and not by watching. 60% of the course is hands-on.

Critical Emphasis: Fine tune the points and techniques that are of particular importance to your operations. Our skilled instructors and staff can tailor the module to meet your requirements.

Cost Savings: Eliminate or significantly reduce your travel expenses because training sessions are offered at a location near you (or even at your location).

Schedule: Private training sessions can be easily scheduled months in advance. Get more specific details regarding a dedicated training session at your company site by contacting us directly at us-training(ATMARK)

Additional Information


Classes will be postponed or cancelled if minimum registration of 5 students is not met two weeks prior to the class dates. Credit card orders are authorized but not charged until the class is confirmed. Online orders can only be processed if the billing address is in the United States.


Once a class is confirmed, any student wishing to cancel must provide written notice to us-training(ATMARK) at least 14 days prior to the class date or be subject to a cancelation fee up to 100% of the registration price.