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Module 4: Introduction to W-CDMA

Take the Anritsu W-CDMA, 4‑Module series to learn basic theory and application of W‑CDMA technology. This engaging program offers expert video instruction and demonstrations, interactive exercises, instrument simulations, case studies and scenarios to create a self-paced learning experience that encourages you to use your own ideas and input to reinforce content. Every module also offers a note taking feature throughout the presentations, that results in a sheet of notes you can print before you take the quiz. Anritsu strongly recommends taking these modules in order, as each succeeding training builds on knowledge gained in the one before.

Module 4 prompts your recall with a quick review to start and then launches into Markers. Building on the knowledge you acquired in the first three modules, the presentations expand into Interpreting Physical Channels, HSDPA Demodulator measurements, and W-CDMA RF Measurements. The next portion of the training focuses more heavily on using the instrument with multiple demonstrations and practice simulations on Demodulation and Over the Air measurements.

A 10‑question quiz at the end earns a certificate of completion you can print out.

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Course Content
  • Review of Modules 1-3
  • Markers
  • Interpreting Physical Channels
  • HSDPA Demodulator Measurements
  • W-CDMA Demodulator Measurements
  • W-CDMA RF Measurements
  • Summary Tables
  • Demodulator (demonstration & practice)
  • Over‑the‑Air (demonstration & practice)
  • Notes
  • Quiz
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Introduction to W-CDMA - Module 4

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