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The Anritsu Thin Film Fab is housed in a 6000 square feet of class 100 / 10000 clean room facility, and is equipped with a complete line of manufacturing and test equipment to fabricate a variety of thin film devices, including equipment for Laser Drilling, Sputtering, Plating, Photo-Patterning, Resistor Trimming, Dicing and DC / RF testing.

The Fab equipment is designed to be flexible in order to support the high mix, low volume circuit needs of the fab's customers. Devices can be fabricated on a variety of form factors, including 4, 3.25, 2 and 1 inch square and round substrates and up to 125 mil in thickness. The Fab personnel have experience processing various types of materials, including Alumina, Fused Silica, Silicon, Glass, and even Titanium substrates.

The fab also has access to a variety of Reliability and Accelerated Stress test equipment, and can perform various wire and ribbon bonding tests to ensure compliance to any MIL standards.

Thin Film Device Fabrication - Equipment

Efficient Design Inc. C02 Laser

  • Machine is used for drilling through vias and cutting specific slots / designs
  • Via sizes down to 6 mils
  • Wrap arounds to connect front to back conductors by using pre-cut slots
  • Devices can be post –cut to various shapes before singulation by dicing
  • Serialization capabilities

Sputter Equipment

  • Fab has 2 MRC production sputter tools and 1 MRC engineering sputter tool
  • Conductor materials include Titanium / Titanium Tungsten / Gold, Palladium and Copper
  • Tantalum Nitride, Titanium Tungsten or Nichrome can be used to make resistors
  • Other metals are available, Including Chromium, Al or AuSn (through UHV Sputtering)
  • Various metrology tools to measure film quality including XRF, Tencor profilometer 4-point probe and SEM.

Electroplating and Etching Equipment

  • Fab equipped with modern electroplating facilities; and can plate Gold and Nickel
  • Wet etchings are used to etch Gold, TiW, Titanium, Tantalum Nitride, Palladium and Copper
  • A Plamatherm dry etcher is available to dry etch TaN and Si3 N4

Photolithography Equipment

  • Main photomask exposure tool is a Suss MA6 Aligner, which is equipped with a backside camera, allowing front to backside alignment of better than 5 um
  • Two Suss RC8 Spinner to spin photo resist over substrates of various sizes
  • A Prism 100 Spray Coater is used to ultrasonically deposit thin, uniform coating of photo resist on to substrates which have various topology where Spin Coater cannot be used.

Resistor Trimmers and Probes

  • Box and belt furnaces to heat treat resistors to target values
  • 2 ESI Laser Trimming Systems to precision trim resistors to better than +/-0.2% of target values
  • Automatic step and repeat DC probers for 100% testing capability

Lapping / Dicing Tools

  • 2 Disco (DAD521 and DAD522) Automatic Dicing Saws are used to singulate devices at the back-end
  • A manual Micro-Automation saw is can be used to modify conductor traces for special proto-typing needs