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The Industry's Smallest-in-Class 100G Transport Module

Adding the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A to the all-in-one multi-transport Field Tester MT1000A supports all installation and maintenance (I&M) interfaces up to 100G used by Metro networks and data centers. With the MU100011A also supporting both 25G Ethernet and 16G Fibre Channel, the MT1000A is ideal for evaluating a variety of networks and for testing devices.

  • Lightest and smallest tester in class with easy-to-use GUI and wide 9-inch touchscreen
  • Efficient one-button testing, supporting full measurement automation and flexibility to simplify complex operations for field technicians
  • Single module supporting all transport networks and field test requirements
Introduction of the new 100G module test, automatic test mode and the lineup of modules, etc.

100G Multirate Module Features

100G technologies have traditionally been used in Core networks and are now migrating to Metro networks. Data centers are actively adopting 25G Ethernet due to substantial cost savings gained by low power consumption and increased performance. With interfaces from 10M to 100G, the Network Master Pro MT1000A with the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A is ideally suited for testing these network types. The 100G optical module supports both CFP4 and QSFP28, as well as SFP28 for 25G Ethernet.

  • Supports all optical module interfaces used in today’s modern networks


    Interface Ethernet OTN CPRI/OBSAI SDH/SONET Fibre Channel
    CFP4 100GbE OTU4
    QSFP28 100GbE OTU4
    QSFP+ 40GbE OTU3
    SFP28/SFP+/SFP 25GbE/10GbE/GbE OTU2x/OTU1x CPRI 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
    OBSAI 1x/2x/4x/8x
    STM1 to 64
    OC-3 to 192
    1 to 16G FC
    RJ45 10/100/1000M
  • Ideally suited for I&M of Core, Metro, Access and data center networks from 10M to 100G, including recently standardized technologies such as 25G Ethernet
    • Installing and troubleshooting carrier-class Ethernet circuits
    • Installing and testing mobile backhaul and fronthaul networks
    • Easy, fast testing across all Ethernet, OTN, SDH/SONET, Fibre Channel, and CPRI technologies
  • Comprehensive remote control and PC emulation software allowing:
    • PC reporting and configuration
    • Results manipulation
    • Multi-unit remote control and standard GUI operation via VNC, as well as full remote command operation (via SCPI scripts)

Easy-to-Use GUI

The MT1000A GUI (graphical user interface) is designed for easy on-site operation and speeds-up I&M test-result evaluations as well as problem troubleshooting. Training time is also cut by the intuitive interface.

Easy-to-Use GUI


More Efficient I&M

Case 1

Problem: Operator experience ranges from complete novice to experienced field engineer. At on-site testing, the operator must follow documented procedures while setting parameters and reading results without making any mistakes. If mistakes are made, the operator faces the problem of returning to the site and measuring over again.

Solution: In the auto-measurement mode, the MT1000A itself sets and changes parameters, controls measurement, saves results, and performs pass/fail evaluation, helping reduce measurement operations and improving work efficiency.

More Efficient I&M Case 1

Evaluation by operator

Choose test
Confirm test contents
Runs test
Outputs report
Finishes test

Case 2

Problem: Because an operator is required at each base of a network, there are not enough trained operators to be present between multiple bases. In addition, when a network problem occurs it takes time to dispatch an operator to the far end making responsive troubleshooting difficult.

Solution: Using the MT1000A network discovery and in-band control functions allows one field engineer to control multiple MT1000A units, helping cut the number of required onsite operators.

More Efficient I&M Case 2


Evaluating and Inspecting Communications Equipment

25G Ethernet equipment is evaluated using the MU100011A software.

  • Evaluate equipment performance using RFC2544 test
  • Generate and measure 25GBASE-SR FEC signals
  • Measure frequency and optical signal levels, and monitor errors and alarms

Installing and Maintaining All Networks

The Network Master Pro MT1000A is a versatile platform configured using a combination of modules that can be customized for I&M of various network types. In addition to the 100G/10G Multirate Module, adding the OTDR module supports optical fiber tests, while adding the high-accuracy GPS-disciplined oscillator module supports synchronized time PTP tests. This excellent customized expandability ensures functional flexibility for any testing work and helps cut capital investment costs.

  • MU100011A:100G Multirate Module
  • MU100010A:10G Multirate Module
  • MU100020A/21A/22A:OTDR Module
  • MU100090A:High Performance GPS Disciplined Oscillator
  • MU100040B:CPRI RF Module

Installing and Maintaining All Networks


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