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Turning a Technological Threat into a Profitable Opportunity

We know - the margins are smaller, the technology is complex. And you're naturally worried. Now, with a VoIP and triple play service assurance solution from Anritsu, you can see the long-term opportunities that lie beyond the immediate threat.


MasterClaw™ (formerly known as MasterQuest) is our carrier-class OSS package for network and service monitoring, and it's the world's first Voice-over-IP solution to provide end-to-end visibility across converged networks. That means you can easily monitor everything happening on both your packet-switched and SS7 networks - with a single, user-friendly package!


> "How can it reduce my risks ?"
> "How does it provide end-to-end network visibility ?"
>  "How will it increate my operational efficiency ?"
> "Show me the MasterClaw VoIP solution."