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Comprehensive service assurance solutions for Wireless Operators


Turning a technological threat into a profitable opportunity

OK. Here’s the situation. Some mobile markets are booming with new subscribers. But others have hit the saturation point. And everywhere, loyalty is weak and churn is strong. It's a fact, the wireless operators who can deliver high quality UMTS services and roll out them out quickly are going to win the race for 3G market share. New technologies such as HSDPA, IMS and DVB-H, combined with the continuous evolution of the handset, now for the first time enables wireless service providers to cost efficiently offer truly converged wireless broadband services.


But success does not come for free. The converged ubiquitous access technologies, different types of service delivery platforms and complex service delivery chain, all add to the complexity of the network and the operation of it. Here's where we can help. Anritsu gives you the analytical tools you need to convert real-time network data into business intelligence. And that means you can optimize your network, develop more attractive services, and generate greater profits. Success does not come by random, either.

End-to-end network and service visibility

Complete UMTS solution
Not only do we cover the entire packet-switched and circuit-switched domains of the core network, we also provide full monitoring coverage of the UTRAN network as an integral part of our Service Assurance solution. This is important since 80% of all UMTS problems relate to UTRAN. With a cost efficient way of continuously monitor UTRAN operators can at any time control the radio access performance and analyze details of specific calls. And, MasterClaw™ is compliant with Release 99 through Release 6 for a truly futureproofed solution.


End-to-end network visibility
Increased complexity in the network and the signaling across different networks domains, calls for operational tools that span across the network in a unified way. Conducting root-cause analysis and troubleshooting in a converged network, network operations staff need tools that can efficiently can trace calls and sessions in a seamless network-wide fashion, even if occurred days before.


Customer Experience Management
Your customers are the life-blood of your operation. If they’re not happy, they’ll go somewhere else. Our unique combination of passive and active monitoring creates a superior set of QoS metrics that frames the customers’ perception of the service quality. By monitoring the downlink service quality in the user’s handset, we can better understand the actual end-to-end quality. And by combining end-user quality with QoS data from the network, wireless operators can gain a truly holistic view of the quality of both the uplink and downlink.


Turning network data into business intelligence


Understanding your business

Simple things, like understanding which terminal types generate the most MMS traffic, often represent vital business intelligence when negotiating deals with handset manufacturers. Because we can provide detailed information regarding the customers’ true identity and location, our OSS solutions can become vital business-support systems.

Complex value chains calls for simple monitoring solutions
Any wireless service provider is dependent on a wide set of partners, being roaming partners, interconnect and backhaul partners, or content partners. The service quality offered to the end-users, is not only dependent on the performance of the own network, but equally dependent on the performance of the different partners. With the accelerating revenue shift from voice to data services the service value chains become even more complex. With Anritsu’s Service Assurance solution you not only get a tool that can monitor your, partners’ performance, it provides you with the critical evidence negotiating the business terms.


Integrated Network–Service–Customer–Partner monitoring
Anritsu’s integrated service assurance solution provides an integrated monitoring universe, feeding a wide range of different user categories, including operational network personnel, network planners, product managers, account managers, partner managers, with vital operational and business information. Building on the same converged data acquired from the network, MasterClaw offers powerful reporting capabilities across Network, Service, Customer and Partner domains in both real-time and via KPI- and KQI reports. Representing a specific aspect of the carrier’s overall operation, the ability to understand their mutual relationship is essential. It must be clear how the network performance or the performance of interconnect, roaming or content partners affect the general service level, and subsequently how the end-user service level is affected.


Towards next generation


Ready to meet today’s needs – and tomorrow’s
The greatest challenge facing wireless operators is to gain new revenue through new services
– ultimately providing a complete triple play offering. As a result, wireless networks are evolving from 2G through 2.5G to the newest 3G and IMS networks. Not only can new cash-generating services be introduced rapidly and cost-effectively, when it’s time to migrate towards IMS and possibly even a fixed-mobile convergent (FMC) architecture, the MasterClaw framework and probe system can continue to be used, thus considerably reducing the risk and cost of transition. Building on our Wireline VoIP solutions MasterClaw now also supports the IMS versions of SIP, which makes Anritsu uniquely positioned to help wireless service providers in their migration towards IMS based network architectures.


Ready for the wireless triple play
Being promising candidate to unlock the mobile triple play, HSDPA are DVB-H are powerful access technologies that already now plays an important role planning the introduction of converged service offerings. As a natural continuation of Anritsu’s leadership in the wireless network and service monitoring area, MasterClaw of course support HSDPA monitoring, as a part of our UTRAN monitoring capabilities, which again makes Anritsu is now uniquely positioned to help service providers ensure successful HSDPA based service launches.

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